Corporate Identity


To be the center of excellence for Fisheries and Marine Science and Technology Education and Research in In do nesia, and to produce scholars to help the country’s economic development through sustainable utilization of fish and other inland and marine aquatic resources.


  • To offer educational opportunities (undergradu ate, master, and doctorate program) for Indonesian people to learn and study how to produce, process, utilize, control and manage aquatic resources, and to equip students with a broad understanding of fundamental scientific principles needed to develop solutions for the increasing pressures on aquatic resources.

  • To produce high quality of graduates who capable to develop science and art as well as its implementation in aquatic ecosystem.

  • To disseminate basic and applied research findings in the fields of fisheries and marine sciences, and motivate faculty members to be involved in national and international scientific events.

Quality Policy

Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences is committed to providing intellectual, social, cultural and economic ben efits to communities through programs of education, research and scholarship.


  • Department of Aquaculture.

  • Department of Resources Management Living Aquatic.

  • Department of  Aquatics Products Technology.

  • Department of Fishery Resources Utilization.

  • Department of Marine Sciences & Technology.


Fish and sea for the future and better life.