Corporate Identity


To become centre of excellence of tropical higher educa tion, research, and community empowerment in the field economic and management which has holistic in side, quantitative and qualitatif approach and sustain ability  development orientation to improve a human (so cial) welfare.



  • To achieve economic and management education system and response to dynamic technology and scientific, and the synergy of traditionally virtues to develop democracy as ‘Madani’ community.

  • To find, to develop and to widespread the sci ence and the technology in the field economic and man agement with a participative inter- and multidicipline that has an approach to have a deeper understand on the socioecological system at every differences to achieve a competitive advantage.

  • To achieve the management system and higher education institution in the field economic and management to create quality human resource as an ex cellent actor and so as the asset to sustainability the development economic and human (social) welfare.


Quality Policy

To keep and maintain roles and function of faculty as quality assurance in education of all strata.