Corporate Identity

Major Programs for Undergraduate

Nutrition and Feed Technology

Study Program of Masters/PhD

Feed and Nutrition Sciences (S2&S3)

Academic Staff

Professor & PhD (3), PhD (24), Masters (12), Bachelors (2)


The development of nutrition science and feed technology (roughages and concentrates) to the finished product.

Center of Excellence

Capable of applying of nutrition science in feed management, feed formulation and animal feeding as well as applying agrostology, pasture management, feed industry management and utilization of animal feed resources.


Modern classrooms equipped with audiovisual aids and internet connection, library, computer laboratory, analitical laboratories (feed quality, feed microbiology, animal nutrition, biochemical nutrition, feed industry, agrostology and integrated laboratory), and field laboratory.

Institutional Collaboration

The department has established collaboration with industries, government, research institutions, other universities and alumni in research, education and community empowerment in field of nutritionand and feed technology.