Corporate Identity

Major Programs for Undergraduate

Animal Production Technology

Major Programs for Master/PhD

Animal Production and Technology (S2&S3)

Academic Staff

Emiritus Professor (5), Professor & PhD (3), PhD (9), Master(21), Bachelors(8)


Development of science, technology and system of production, involving raising management and processing of livestock products and by-products to yield primary product.

Center of Excellence

Capable of planning, operating and developing animal husbundry and business, developing production technology, management of livestock product from other animal product.


Laboratory of chemical analysis, microbiology, management, and processing of livestock products, by-product and side products. Field laboratories consist of pens of dairy cow, beef cattle, goat, sheep, rabbit, chicken, duck and pig and slaughter house unit. Laboratory facilities consist of testing equipment of milk quality, testing of meat quality, embryo manipulator, scanning electron microscope and milk, meat and egg processing.

Institutional Collaboration

Collaboration with regional, national and international institutions, both state and private, in various studies, education and community empowerment programs. Collaboration are in forms of joint research, training, apprenticeship lecturers and technicians apprenticeship, design plan of development of livestock region based on local resources.