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Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Civil and Environmental Engineering

Academic Staff

Civil and Environmental Engineering was supported by 21 academic staffs with very good academical qualification and various experience and educational background. Now, there are 13 PhD (2 of them was Professor PhD) and  8 masters (2 of them now studying PhD). The academic staffs were graduated from well-known university in Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and United States.



The development and application of engineering for planning and managing water resources, structure and infrastructure, as well as pollution abatement and environmental sanitation.


Center of Excellence

Academic curriculum ,which is the integration of civil engineering and environmental engineering, is designed to optimize the utilization of natural resources for human welfare with the emphasis on the sustainable infrastructure and built environment development as well as environmental protection.



Laboratories: hydraulics and hydromechanics, soil physics and mechanics, surveying and spatial analysis, strength of materials and environmental to support the divisions of: structural and infrastructural engineering, environmental engineering, water resources engineering and geomatic engineering.


Institutional Collaboration

Strong networking with national and international institutions in terms of education, research and community development.