Corporate Identity


To be an excellent higher education institution which is internatinally recognized in agricultural technology with a core competence of bio-system engineering and information technology of local specific tropical agriculture.



  • To conduct undergraduate education programs and produces graduates with g\high academic achieve ments and communication ability to compete in the global market.

  • To carry out high quality of graduate education programs in the field of Agricultural Engineering Science, Food Science, postharvest Technology, and Agroindustry Technology Which are internationally recognized.

  • To run professional educations in the application of technology and management to produce skilled and entrepreneurial human resources.

  • To develop an efficient and transparent education management, and attractive curricula to improve productivity and shorten waiting periode of graduates to get their first jobs.

  • To increase number of research findings which are ready to commercialize, and recognized as intellectual property rights through commercialization and socialization of technology.

  • To increase number of scientific publications in basic and applied sciences, and motivate faculty members to involve actively in national and international scientific events.

  • To conduct innovative researches to develop indogenous technology and agriculture system based on local resources.

  • To increase active roles in community empowerment through application of research findings and utilization of indigenous knowledge in the development of region and productive area.

  • To develop synergic and mutual professional collaborations with government and private sectors as an effort to self finance and go to university autonomy.

  • To develop student activities to improve their social responsiveness, self confidence, discipline, and honesty

  • To develop modern infrasturctures and high quality of facilities appropriate for student populations.

Quality Policy

Faculty efficiently produces high quality graduates with certificates of competence relevant to market needs and ability to work in their fields, supported by high commitment to quality of all elements involved in education processes.