Corporate Identity

Major Programs for Undergraduate

Land Resource Management

Major Programs for Master/PhD

Soil Science (S2&S3)

Soil Agrotechnology (S2)

Mitigation of Land Disaster and Degradation (S2)

Soil and Environment Biotechnology (S2)

Regional Planning Science

Watershed Management


Academic Staff

Professor & PhD (11), PhD (29), Masters (13), Bachelors (3)



Development of science and technology, as viewed from biophysical and spatial aspects, covering characterization, classification, inventory, and processes that occur in soil and land, including sustainable soil and land planning, utilization, and management.


Areas of excellence

Serving fast and accurate analyses of soil, water, plant, and fertilizer; developing technologies and services on land resource inventory and evaluation; waste management, fertilizer and soil amendment; fertilization recommendation and fertilizer effication; soil management and conservation; watershed management and sustainable agricultural practices; soil remediation and rehabilitation; utilization of soil biota and their metabolism products; land resource spatial information system and digital mapping; land-based spatial and regional planning.



Modern classrooms equipped with audiovisual aids, library, glasshouses, field station, and well-equipped laboratories.


Institutional Collaboration

With regional, national, and international, state and private institutions in various studies, education, and community development.