Corporate Identity

Major Programs for Undergraduate

Plant Protection

Major Programs for Master/PhD

  1. Entomology (S2&S3)

2. Phytopatology (S2&S3)


Academic Staff

Professor & PhD (5), PhD (31), Masters (7), Bachelors (1)



The development of plant entomology, phytopathology and rodentology as well as science, technology and the art of plant protection to support sustainable agriculture


Center of Excellence

Application of the concept of integrated pest management and biotechnology in the fields of plant pests and diseases. Biodiversity management. Manajement of a plant clinic, consultancy service unit, research services, training and internship in the fields of plant pests and diseases.


Supporting Facilities

Modern lecture rooms equipped with audio visual and internet connection, library, glass houses, field station and well equipped laboratories.


Institutional Collaboration

Collaboration with regional, national and international institutions (both state and private) in various studies, education and community empowerment programs.