Corporate Identity

Major Name / Major Code

Agronomy and Horticulture / A21



A - 044/BAN-PT/Ak-XIII/S1/II/2011


Jabaran Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcome
Achievement of learning in the field of science and knowledge


Number of Lecturer

Doctoral Professor (15), Doctor (42), Master (10)



Develop the science and technology of phyto resource production and the environment management sustainably.



Study Program of Agronomy and Horticulture accredited by BANPT with the rank of A, gets the certification of ISO 9001:2008 and ASEAN University Network – Quality Assurance. Competent lecturer and educational staff. Most of lecturers get the competitive research grant and involve the students of semester 8 in the implementation of research, some lecturers include the innovator listed in the Innovation of Indonesia BIC version, some lecturers produce superior variety for food crops and horticulture (rice, corn, chili, potato, papaya, soybean, peanut). Students can follow the student exchange in ASEAN International Mobility for Students Programme, the work internship in United States of America coordinated by The Ohio Programme. The student program which is protected in the Student Association of Agronomy is very supported in the forming of student soft skill. One of the routine activities which is held every year is Plant Festival. In 2013, the festival is raised as the national activity namely Festival of Flower and Fruit of Archipelago in collaboration with various goverment parties, private and alumni, and it will become the annual agenda of Bogor city. Scholarship is available from government, private and alumni.



Comfortable lecture room is equipped with audio visual and internet network, library and various laboratory equipped with the good facilities. For implementing the practicum and research it is supported by:1). Teaching Farm of oil palm in Jonggol of 80 ha in collaboration with Cargill, beside the oil palm it is also planted by juicy coconut, clove, tree that produces beans with pungent odor, 2). Trial Plantation of Cikarawang of 5.5 ha with the commodity of oil palm, fruits, medicine plant and low land vegetable, 3). Trial Plantation of Pasirsarongge of 6 ha for high land horticultural plant, 4) New Wet Rice Field, and 5) Lewikopo Plantation for Seed Center. The holiday internship and the internship for thesis are supported through the cooperation with the plantation owned by the government and the private.


Institution Cooperation

Government and private institutions related in the development of food crops and horticulture in the regional and central levels. In the international level (University of Tokyo, Goettingen University, Florida University, Adelaide University, Wageningen University, NCAT University, Ohio State University) in the research and development of HR


Competence of Graduate

Scholar of Agriculture which is able to manage the plant production business optimally by applying the science and technology in the agricultural system sustainably.


  • Private and state plantations.
  • Horticultural company.
  • Germ Industry
  • Industry of agricultural product process
  • National and foreign private companies
  • Researcher/lecturer
  • Related government institution
  • Banking/financial institution
  • Consultan in the field of agriculture
  • Businessman