GO INTERNATIONAL PLUS 2016 (Student mobilities for studies)


Call within the programme “Erasmus+ Key Action 107 (Mobility with Partner Countries)”
Student mobilities for studies between the Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB), Indonesia and the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen (UGOE), Germany

General overview:
The Georg-August-Universität Göttingen (UGOE) offers in the field of Agriculture, Economics or Forestry:
- 2 Master student mobilities for studies (from IPB to UGOE) with a duration of 5 months each and
- 1 PhD student mobility for studies (from IPB to UGOE) with a duration of 6 months and
- 1 PhD student mobility for studies (from UGOE to IPB) with a duration of 6 months.

Financial Coverage:

Academic Level Duration Travel support Individual support
(from IPB to UGOE)
5 months 1.100 EUR 800 EUR per month
(from IPB to UGOE)
6 months 1.100 EUR 800 EUR per month
(from UGOE to IPB)
6 months 1.100 EUR 650 EUR per month

All grant holders are insured by a central Group Insurance, which will be centrally organised by the Project Coordination Team upon successful nomination. The insurance costs (approximately 0,90 EUR per day) are deducted from the individual support.

Tuition fees:
The receiving institution will not ask the grantee to pay fees for tuition, registration, examinations or for access to laboratory and library facilities during his/her mobility period. Nevertheless, the grantee may be charged a fee on the same basis as local students for costs such as student unions and the use of study-related materials or equipment.


Required language skills:
For students from IPB to UGOE: English B2
For students from UGOE to IPB: English B1


Please use the below URLs for application:
• URL for first log-in (registration): https://econsort.ugent.be/regis.asp?frm=1749
• URL for application: https://econsort.ugent.be/applicationform.asp?frmid=35015

The deadline for submission of the applications is on Friday, 05th May 2017.


CP : (0251) 8624092 or (0251) 8622638 (KSPI IPB)

Published Date : 20-Apr-2017