HA Alumni of FMIPA IPB University Hold a Deliberation

The Alumni Association of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) IPB University held a General Meeting (Mubes) at the IPB International Convention Center (IICC), Bogor. Activities organized by all HA representatives, program departments/studies, heads, and department secretaries within FMIPA IPB University from various generations.

The Dean of FMIPA IPB University, Dr Berry Juliandi said that support and synergy between alumni, faculties, and campuses are expected to continue to be established to support the development of the alma mater. According to him, it is essential to increase the momentum of togetherness so that alumni of FMIPA IPB University can show their active role in building higher education.

"FMIPA IPB University has now rebranded the tagline, colors, and logo. The previously popular tagline, namely 'MIPA Satu, MIPA Jaya' has changed to a new tagline 'Fast Forward Future' accompanied by a new logo based on blue and gold. This change tagline can serve as a guideline for alumni and students to lock in the future," explained Dr. Berry.

In this activity, Sandi Noorzaman S.Si., M.M (Statistics), and Rhesa Yogaswara (Mathematics) were elected Head and Secretary General of HA FMIPA IPB University. In his remarks, Sandi said that management from various departments and generations would be formed to help carry out activities at HA FMIPA IPB University which can work together with institutions.

"Through this activity, the alumni hope that in the future output, a strong management structure for HA FMIPA IPB University will form and provide the best service for its members. Reunions and discussions between department representatives, lecturers, and administrators of HA IPB University made a strong impression that family relations within the HA FMIPA IPB University environment were getting closer. There are still many open opportunities and reminders of the changes that have been made," Sandi said. (*/Rz) (IAAS/SAL)

Published Date : 05-Jun-2023

Resource Person : Dr Berry Juliandi, Sandi Noorzaman SSi, MM

Keyword : IPB Alumni Association, HA FMIPA IPB, Rebranding FMIPA IPB