IPB University Alumni Shine in the Daily Board of MN KAHMI 2022-2027

IPB University alumni shine in the ranks of the daily management of the National Assembly of the HMI Alumni Corps (MN KAHMI) for the 2022-2027 term of office which was recently inaugurated. IPB University Rector, Prof Arif Satria received the mandate as the MN KAHMI Expert Council. 

A number of IPB University alumni names also entered the ranks of the MN KAHMI Expert Council for the 2022-2027 period. There is the name of Dr Aceng Hidayat who is now the Chairman of the Indonesian Muslim Intellectuals Association (ICMI)-Organization of Special Regions (Orwilsus) Bogor, Muhammad Karim, MSi (Alumnus of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences) and Hanifah Husein (Alumnus of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science / FPIK). 

The elected MN KAHMI Presidium is Dr Sutomo, an alumnus of IPB University from FPIK. Currently, he is an entrepreneur in various fields. His entrepreneurial spirit has been visible since he was still in college. 

Another IPB University alumnus, Aria Andriyadi, SPt, MSi is the youngest field chairman in the management of MN KAHMI for the 2022-2027 period. The IPB University graduate from the Faculty of Animal Husbandry (S1) and the Faculty of Economics and Management (S2) was appointed as Chair of the New and Renewable Energy Division.

Aria Andriyadi, SPt, MSi currently works as a professional in one of the leading multinational companies engaged in digital marketing and marketing technology. He assists 10 branch offices in several Asia Pacific countries with the position of Strategic Digital Planning Director in the company and oversees several leading brands.

In the ranks of field heads who are also alumni of IPB University is Dr Doni Yusri as Chairman of the Disaster Management Division. He is active as a lecturer at the Vocational School as well as the Head of the Center for Disaster Studies (PSB) IPB University. Meanwhile, Prima Gandhi, SPi, MSi who is also an IPB University lecturer at the Vocational School was entrusted as Deputy Secretary General for Social and Cultural Affairs. 

At the inauguration of the MN KAHMI daily management, Fauzi Amro, MSi (alumnus of the Faculty of Animal Science, IPB University) was also mandated as Chairman of the Democracy Division. His daily activities as a politician, one of which comes from his interest in politics since he was at IPB University. He was once the Chairman of the Student Senate of the Faculty of Animal Science and the Presidium of the IPB University Student Family in the 1997-1998 era.

Other IPB University alumni in the management are M Ichsan Alma'i MSi, Dr Yulianri Rizki Yanza, Abiyadun SP MSi, Muhammad Hamim SIK, Heru Arafat SIK, Fazmi Nawafi SSi, M Fauzan ST MT, drh Rahmat Hidayat SKH MSi MH and Amirul Mukminin. (dh/Rz) (IAAS/ARD)

Published Date : 05-Apr-2023

Resource Person : Prof Arif Satria

Keyword : IPB alumni, MN KAHMI Daily Board, MN KAHMI Presidium