The moment when an IPB University alumnus was impressed by a Ketok Quiz during his college days

Waiso, General Manager of PT I & V Bio Indonesia is an alumnus of the Department of Aquatic Resource Management (MSP), Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science (FPIK) IPB University. PT I & V Bio Indonesia is a multinational company engaged in fisheries.
In the Anniversary of the Aquatic Resources Management Student Association (Himasper), (5/3), Waiso provided motivation to MSP IPB University students at IPB Dramaga Campus.
"When the juniors wish to become an entrepreneur, then start from now. When you become a student, you must build a mindset in your mind to become a successful entrepreneur," he said.
According to him, the managerial skills acquired during college and being active in student organizations led him to occupy a high position in this company. During college, he was very impressed with the learning system applied by IPB University.  One of them is the ketok exam/quiz, where the questions are read by the lecturer/practicum assistant, then the students are given time to answer in just seconds. When the answer time runs out, there will be a sound of "ketok", the sound of lecturers / practicum assistants tapping objects on the table. The students felt a mix of excitement and tension during the exam/quiz.  

"The test/quiz with a stopwatch for the practicum of iktiology, limnology and other practicums is very memorable for me. I felt the benefits of the quiz when I became an officer in this multinational company. We get used to or even forced to think quickly and accurately to decide something important in a narrow time interval, because the decision must be taken immediately so as not to miss the momentum," he said. 
According to him, the real professional challenge for a graduate is when they leave the graduation room and enter a world that demands competence and professionalism. 
"Although my Grade Point Average (GPA) is minimalist, I was offered a job before I graduated. Therefore, do not be inferior with a low GPA, because in the world of work, the benchmark of one's performance is no longer judged by GPA. But professionalism, commitment, integrity and responsibility are the performance indicators that must be achieved. Known as Key Performance Indicator (KPI)," concluded Waiso.
Waiso is very proud to be an alumni of IPB University and especially MSP alumni. This man from Lampung indeed intends to study at IPB University to develop fisheries which are indeed a lot of people around where he lives.
While studying, Waiso had already built his mindset to become an entrepreneur, so that during college he was involved in many professional activities.

"Thanks to the guidance of Prof Bambang Widigdo, MSP lecturer (shrimp farming expert and inventor of biocrete technology), I gained a lot of knowledge, honed my competence, and gained experience," said the Secretary General of the Indonesian Hatchery Entrepreneurs Association. 
According to Waiso, if there are MSP alumni who are still unemployed, then there is something wrong with those alumni. Because, he said, the world of fisheries still very much needs personnel who are willing to work hard in the field to develop the potential of fisheries and marine in a country with vast fishery potential.  
"Problems related to the development of the fisheries sector still require many young fisheries professionals to fix and advance it.  Therefore, the work of fisheries alumni to pursue this field professionally is awaited. Because students have been equipped with science and technology to develop this field during college," he concluded. (HEF/Zul) (IAAS/RUM)

Published Date : 13-Mar-2023

Resource Person : Waiso, Prof Bambang Widigdo

Keyword : IPB University, Himasper, Fisheries, MSP