FishLog Fulfilled Invitation to PRIME STeP Program, A Step to Support IPB University to Support Startup Development

Seeing the success of FishLog as one of the startups created by alumni, FishLog received an invitation from IPB University to become part of the PRIME SteP (Promoting Research and Innovation through Modern and Efficient Science and Techno Park) program. The PRIME Step Program is a program prepared by IPB University through the Institution for Science Technology Park (LKST) with the support of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) through funding in the form of Foreign Loans and/or Grants (PHLN) for the period 2023 - 2027. This program is aimed at startup alumni of IPB University in order to support startups to be able to reach the unicorn stage within the next five years.

The PRIME StepP program included several derivative programs, namely the Prospective Invention Development Incentive Program, the Technology Development Collaborative Research Incentive Program, the Industrial Cooperation Incentive Program for Technology/Innovation Development, and the Startup Business Incubation Incentive Program. Those programs were created to support IPB University academics in developing innovations with a focus on agriculture, food, marine, and tropical biosciences.

On this occasion, Bayu Mukti Anggara, CEO and Co-Founder of FishLog, introduced the concept of digitizing the fisheries supply chain which is FishLog's effort as an enabler in the Indonesian fishery ecosystem.

"FishLog has several products and services for fisheries stakeholder partners. Among them are FishLog B2B Marketplace, FishLog Quality Center, FishFin, and WMS (Warehouse Management System). Our mission is to become a digital solution by providing business services that focus on distribution activities from upstream to downstream. In addition, we also provide access to financing to support strengthening partnerships with fisheries stakeholders. Going forward, we will continue to strive to strengthen Indonesia's fisheries ecosystem so that later we can achieve our vision, namely to become the Indonesian Fisheries Logistics Agency (Bulog), "explained Bayu.

According to him, to realize FishLog's dream with Indonesian fisheries, it is necessary to optimize FishLog's mission by ensuring continuity of supply, price stability, and equitable distribution of fishery commodities throughout Indonesia. And building a supply chain ecosystem with all FishLog partners so that they can transact safely, transparently, and benefit all parties, both upstream and downstream. (*/Zul) (IAAS/BLA)

Published Date : 10-Mar-2023

Resource Person : Bayu Mukti Anggara

Keyword : IPB University, FishLog, alumni, startups