Lia Nuryanah, IPB Alumnus Chosen as the Youngest Kades in Kuningan, Ready to Work on Cikondang Village to be More Advanced

The figure of Lia Nuryanah is the youngest Village Head (Kades) to be elected in the 2021 Village Head Election (Pilkades) simultaneously in Kuningan Regency, West Java. She won with a total of 405 votes beating Karimaman who won 175 votes.

She said that it only took her one year to steadily advance as a village head candidate in the Cikondang village head election, Hantara sub-district.

Her desire to serve in the countryside was warmly welcomed by the residents. Moreover, this graduate of IPB University from the Department of Agronomy and Horticulture, Faculty of Agriculture, is known as a young person who is diligent in engaging in the agricultural sector in her area.

She is actively developing agricultural potential in his hometown. For example, she has developed a red ginger and coffee cultivation business. Residents in the vicinity also feel the benefits.

She was elected as the Head of Cikondang Village, Hantara District, Kuningan Regency at the age of just 27 years. This victory is not surprising because she likes to organize and enjoy farming. Lia is also the daughter of Lurah Cikondang Cahidi, so there is a village leader's blood flowing in her.
"Of course, after being sworn in, it will be easier for me to determine village policies, especially in developing village potential. Here, agriculture and plantations are potential, especially the area is cool,” said the 2012 alumni of SMAN 3 Kuningan.

As the youngest village head, she has prepared a number of excellent programs. She wants to continue campaigning to encourage people to be active in farming. Both on a home scale using polybags by utilizing the yard to a large scale. "This victory is certainly a mandate and a responsibility, then don't forget to be grateful for the trust given by the Cikondang Village community, it will be a motivation in leading the village in the future," she said.

Another excellent program that she wants to encourage is Cikondang Caang (Caang Kebun) so that the village looks beautiful by planting various types of trees. The reason is because the area is fertile with agricultural land, so the land is not productive. Not to mention the attack of monkeys and pigs.

Apart from Cikondang Caang, she hopes that each Neighborhood Association (RT) has one superior product. Agro-tourism-based educational tourism and optimization of clean water services for the community are also encouraged through this program.

"These four programs are my passion to build the village towards change. Because there are many potentials in the village that must be explored for the welfare of the community," said Lia, who is also the founder of Kondang Muda Farm and the administrator of the Goat Herding Association of Cikondang Village. (MW/Zul) (IAAS/FJN)

Published Date : 02-Dec-2021

Resource Person : Lia Nuryanah

Keyword : The youngest village head, IPB University Alumni, Department of Agronomy and Horticulture IPB