Here's the Key to Becoming a Entrepreneur Class Farmer for an Alumnus of IPB University

Septian Jasiah Wijaya, alumnus of IPB University from the Vocational School, has successfully built a business called PT Waluya Wijaya Farm. Since high school, Septian has started his livestock business until finally he decided to go to IPB University. Now Tian has a cattle land of 5.6 hectares.

IPB University is a place for Tian, his nickname, to increase his knowledge in managing his livestock properly. "In the past when I was a teenager, giving animal feed was still careless. After studying in IPB University, I learned that everything has knowledge and there is a calculation. How much feed is needed, what kind, and so on," he said.

Tian wants to prove that Indonesian breeders can have a more modern farm. In the past, Tian started with a simple strategy. Then in the middle of business he gradually do it as detailed as possible. "Learning is actually easy, the implementation must be done alone," said this alumnus of IPB University from the Livestock Management Technology Study Program.

According to him, raising livestock is a profession that can hone leadership skills and sensitivity. Septian shared that the cows he raises can show behavior that describes his needs.

"Being breeders trains us to have strong feelings. We can understand what they need without them having to talk. It will arise when we do it in the field," said the Chairman of the Indonesian Breeders Association.

In his interview, Tian said that he hoped that Indonesian livestock would be more advanced in the future (in terms of the mindset), especially for a farmer. This of course requires integration between universities, government, breeders and industry.

"All of us must be one cyrcle, support each other so that agriculture and animal husbandry in Indonesia can be stronger. I believe food security is very important for the strength of the country," he concluded. (SMH/Zul)


Published Date : 24-May-2021

Resource Person : Septian Jasiah Wijaya

Keyword : Animal Husbandry, IPB University Alumni, Waluya Wijaya Farm