Building an Entrepreneur Mindset in The Way of IPB University Alumni

Bayu M Anggara, an alumnus of IPB University from the Department of Aquatic Product Technology, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FPIK) is one of the founders of the start-up FishLog. That is, a digital logistics transformation platform and integrated processing for fish farmers and fishermen. Currently, FishLog has more than 20 cold storage throughout Indonesia as well as more than 40 Fishery Small and Medium Enterprises (UKM) in Jabodetabek.

"I have parents who are both Civil Servants (PNS) elementary school teachers, my brother is also a civil servant. I decided not to become a civil servant because I didn't want to, I was just looking for other interesting alternatives for me to pursue later. When I went to college, the mindset I was built with a cool entrepreneurial point of view, "explained the youth from Jepara, Central Java.

For him, entrepreneurs are cool because they can help many people and can have an impact on others. "This was what my parents didn't teach me, finally I started to learn and felt I would explore this. Then I started from an industry that I understand, that is the world of fisheries. Eventually entrepreneurship grew from my mindset with a high interest in learning, because I was always bored if I do something that is routine. With this hunger that can make me survive, "said this 26 year old man.

He decided to start his career in fisheries by looking at the opportunities for the problems that often occur among fishermen. Scientifically, fish is an agricultural commodity that is damaged the most quickly. This can be proven if the fish is placed on the table for two hours, then the quality has decreased. For Bayu, these challenges make fish attractive to pay attention in the management process.

When he started his business, Bayu processed frozen fish with his friends. At that time, it was sparked to become a supplier of frozen fish. "After observing it, it turns out that many farmers and fishermen are experiencing similar problems. Especially during the big harvest seasons, the prices really drop. With that background, we finally try to form FishLog. Our mission is to help farmers and fishermen to process fish, handle the post-aquaculture supply chain itself, so we focus on post-harvest, "added Bayu.

Bayu said, his efforts to increase the luck in entrepreneurship are consistently continuous."So all the things we have to do, do it. What we have to sacrifice is our free time and sleep. Don't forget to ask for prayers from parents. After that, if we want to move forward, then we need to be circled by friends who also want to move forward. So just do it first, make friends, and multiply relationships, "he concluded. (SMH / Zul) IAAS/AML

Published Date : 10-May-2021

Resource Person : Bayu M Anggara

Keyword : Entrepreneur, IPB University Alumni, FishLog