The General Chairperson of HANTER IPB University is Officially Inaugurated as Deputy Governor of West Sumatra

Chairperson of the Faculty of Animal Husbandry Alumni Association (HANTER), Dr. (cand) Ir Audy Joinaldy, SPt, MSc, MM, IPM, ASEAN Eng was officially appointed as Deputy Governor of West Sumatra, 25/2. He will accompany Mahyeldi as the elected governor of West Sumatra for the next five years.

Audy Joinaldy's presence in the political arena in Indonesia is relatively new. The reason is, Audy had rejected an offer from Mahyeldi to advance in the choice of governor (Pilgub) of West Sumatra five times. He refused the offer because according to him the political world was completely uncertain.

Before entering politics, Audy was known as a successful businessman in agriculture and animal husbandry. It is noted that he was a Commissioner of PT Benindo Perkasa Utama, President Commissioner of PT AA Perkasa Bersaudara, Director of Finance of PT Berau Usaha Mandiri, President Commissioner of PT Makassar Aro Nusa, President Director of PT Lintas Agro Niaga, President Commissioner of PT Mega Satwa Perkasa, President Commissioner of PT Sinar Terang Madani and Feed Technology Manager of PT Charoen Pokphand Indonesia. Even though he has been busy with the industrial world, Audy has also been a lecturer at the Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Gadjah Mada University.

With a qualified business background, Audy was named the richest Deputy Governor with a wealth report to the KPK of Rp. 58.11 billion. Not only that, he was also named the youngest deputy governor in the history of West Sumatra Province and has the most academic titles. He is also the only IPB University S1 Alumni and Animal Husbandry Engineer in Indonesia who is the Deputy Governor of Indonesia.

As an alumnus of the Faculty of Animal Science IPB University in 2005, Audy has been active in organizations since she was a university student. He was the Head of the Entrepreneurship Division of the Student Executive Board for the Joint Preparation Level (BEM TPB) of IPB University for the period 2001-2002. When continuing his Masters studies at Wageningen University, Audy was entrusted with being the President of the Indonesian Student Association (PPI) Wageningen Netherlands.

In Minang land, Audy was also trusted to be Deputy Chairperson of the Minang Student Alumni Association, Deputy Secretary General (Sekjen) of Minang Raya Merchants and a member of the Minang Raya Merchant Business Team. In addition, Audy also became a member of the Indonesian Engineers Association and a member of the ASEAN Federation of Engineerin Organizations in 2019. (IAAS /NAS)

Published Date : 26-Feb-2021

Resource Person : Dr (cand) Ir Audy Joinaldy, SPt, MSc, MM, IPM, ASEAN Eng

Keyword : alumni IPB, Hanter IPB, Fapet IPB