The Bright Career of IPB University’s Young Alumnus: From Founder of Ecofun Indonesia to International Achievements

Annisa Hasanah, alumnus of IPB University’s Department of Landscape Architecture, Faculty of Agriculture is known as the Founder and Managing Director of Ecofun Indonesia. Annisa has received at least ten international awards and two national awards in the course of four years. The career she has started during her time as an undergraduate student has led her to become the Global Winner of SDGs and winner of the Her Award held by the World Bank, Wharton School (2020).

Ecofun was established during her time as a student, specifically during her fourth semester in 2009. She holds two principals in creating, which are persistence and to be experimental. She has expressed her thoughts that it is important to be specifically focused on one or two fields and having persistence is the key to continuously work on the field we are good at. She admits that the business she runs today was the result of consistent perseverance.

Annisa continues to mention that regarding the second principle of being experimental, it is important to keep trying. That would open up other opportunities. Not everything will work out, truthfully, the chance of failure is much bigger that the chance of success. It all depends on how we respond to failure. She explains that those who has the wisdom to face it, will find joy, and that failure is what makes us.

Since her days in university, Annisa has perceived that her mindset and perception of life is ever changing. Her decision in continuing her education was based on the phenomena of climate change in developing countries and the lack of specialized publications in environmental education.

Annisa, who is also the author of the book Student Traveler: 32 countries in 7 years, has expressed her hopes for the education she is seeing through to result in beneficial research which can push people to be wiser regarding their actions on the environment.

For her, creating takes determination in developing innovations, because innovations and experiments goes hand in hand. Innovation is a way to adapt and adjust. Innovation becomes a necessity in life.

Even with a polished international career, Annisa continues to pursue a higher level of academics. The thought to not continue her studies has crossed her mind, however, a specialization of Environmental Education in Kyoto University, which is in line with her passion in environmental awareness, has attracted her to eventually decide on continuing her doctoral degree.

Annisa relayed her message to the young generation to always make sure that what they do impacts other people beneficially. She also reminds them to not shy away from an imperfect idea, to build their confidence because they have full control of decisions which will influence their lives. She reinstates that the full control lies with each individual, whether we end up going through with it or not, it’ll teach us to persevere. Success doesn’t last forever and neither does failure. What’s difficult is to consistently face those failures.

Published Date : 13-Jan-2021

Resource Person : Annisa Hasanah

Keyword : Ecofun, Consistent, IPB Alumni, Environment