IPB University Young Alumnus Shares His Experience of Skills in the Agricultural Sector

Alumni Insights webinar with the theme "Break Your Limit" was held online, 28/11. The activity initiated by the Directorate of Cooperation and Alumni Relations (DKHA) in collaboration with the IPB University Alumni Association invited several ipb university alumnus speakers. This time, the speakers presented were Dirgha Ahdiansyah, S.Si, Farmer Warrior at Chillibeli PTE Ltd.

Dirgha is an alumnus of IPB University from the Department of Gefophysics and Metereology, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA). In his presentation, he tells the story of his career journey that was built with sweat and hard work. Before starting his career and entering the agricultural sector, during his studies Dirgha diligently developed soft skills.

According to him, self-development is very important if you want to succeed in a career, especially if you want to have high competitiveness in the world of work. He also explained the reason for his foray into the agricultural sector starting from his research while training at Sabisa Farm IPB University. In this place, he was taught that agriculture is a sector that has the highest potential in Indonesia. As a contributor to GDP ( Gross Domestic Product) up to 14 percent in Indonesia, the agricultural sector is capable of being the lasting industry. This fact caught his attention and led him to continue his journey in agriculture for the last three years. However, behind the success of the agricultural sector, he mentioned that most farmers are still individual.

In addition, he mentioned that the main problem of farmers today is the process of channeling into the hands of consumers that is too long. From this case, students must have a structural mindset and solve the problem. "The combined farmer group has not been very productive so the distribution channel becomes a problem in itself. Most farmers are still dependent on local collectors, this causes the bargaining power of farmers to weaken," he explained.

He also advised students to also know the condition of small communities such as farmers, especially during the pandemic. Thus, it is expected that later it can contribute to help farmers rise from the downturn. In agriculture, lack of access to information to marketing is also a major problem. As a superior graduate, students should be able to simplify some parts of the problem and then focus on finding solutions through the right business ideas.

In addition, the role of students is also important in improving the skills of farmers who are on average 45 years old. In addition to being able to map the problem into business, students must also be good at looking at farmers' social issues. Because, there are still many farmers in the field still lack financial and digital literacy. According to him, ipb 4.0 strategy program in developing digital innovation in agriculture sector is one of the good steps in solving the problem.

"Finally this farmer has bargaining power. Here I see farmers can go further because they can see the market price," he explained.

More effective ecosystem development and the provision of good logistics through cooperation with farmer groups are also important. Divisions in farmer groups ranging from planting to marketing are one example. He also said that students need to build broad views and insights by following a variety of positive activities. With a variety of information and knowledge received, it is hoped that students can bring the potential of existing areas to be developed further. (IAAS/NAS)

Published Date : 30-Nov-2020

Resource Person : Dirgha Ahdiansyah, S.Si

Keyword : IPB Alumni, Alumni Insights, Entrepreneurship, Agricultural Business