Alumni Association IPB University Collaborated with Business Development Center to Develop Pangandaran Coffee

Alumni Association (HA) IPB University and Business Development Center (DBC) had collaborated to arrange Vocational Training of Development of Pangandaran Coffee. The head of Branch Board (DPC) Alumni Association IPB University for Pangandaran Region had delivered strong commitment from IPB University alumni to take part for regional advances program, especially regarding agricultural development.

Alumni IPB Pangandaran region had dedicated themselves to participate rapidly, hence there would be possibility for the association to partner up with government to advance local agriculture.

This collaboration was taken to be positive considering IPB University had the capacity and integrity to advance any agricultural sectors. In Pangandaran, for precise, coffee had become really potential for agriculture sector. This was marked by the huge expansion of coffee area, the appearance of local coffee brands, and up to the existence of premium coffee shops recently. The farm was spread in Pangandaran District, Sidamulih, Langkaplancar, and Cimerak. Based from those areas, it was recorded there had been 200-250 tons of coffee green beans every season.

 “Coffee is an international agricultural commodity. IPB alumni shall be proper partner to develop Pangandaran coffee and, surely, not only coffee but we are ready to advance agriculture for broad meanings,” Agus Teguh Suryaman explained.

Jeje Wiradinata, as mayor of Pangandaran, shared his gratitude for the event on his speech. He welcomed the Vocational Training program, which was arranged by DBC and HA IPB University DPC Pangandaran, well. He believed it was about the time for Pangandaran, as district that has vision for its tourist destination, to receive supports for more advance agriculture, especially its coffee that has worldwide appeal.

 “A lot of gratitude to DBC and HA IPB University DPC Pangandaran. It is a pleasing program to be arranged. Shall this program be success and sustainable, hence the participants can succeed and be more empowered,” the mayor said.

In the last training, one of the participants had admitted really satisfied with the whole vocational training program, which was held by DBC and HA IPB University DPC Pangandara. He said this training was different from other training, which mostly were only ceremonial.

“This training is very different from other trainings. This training is distinct compared from other trainings which were only ceremonial. This is amazing. Thank you to DBC and HA IPB University DPC Pangandaran,” admitted Eli Heryana as one of the Pangandaran Coffee Vocational Training program.

This program had also been attended by Awang Hayati as IPB Forestry Faculty alumni as well as the owner of Kopi Geulis, which has brought Sumedang coffee to international scale, Apip Gunawan as financial management expert of Lifelyhood OCE 5, West Java. Apip shared this training was part of Program KOTAKU (City without Slums) which is aimed to increase the people’ prosperity in Pangandaran. (IAAS/AKD)


Keywords : HA IPB, IPB alumni, Kangandaran Coffee, Agriculture.


Published Date : 20-Dec-2019

Resource Person : Eli Heryana

Keyword : HA IPB, IPB alumni, Kangandaran Coffee, Agriculture.