More than 650 Alumni Attend 35th AGATHIS Grand Reunion

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More than 650 Alumni Attend 35th AGATHIS Grand Reunion

Located at the IPB International Convention Center Building, Baranangsiang, Bogor, more than 650 IPB 21st generation alumni enter 1984 in 1984 or better known as AGHATIS (Active Strong and Dynamic Generation) attended the reunion to commemorate their 35 years together at the Joint Preparation Level of IPB (23/11).

This reunion’s theme "LIVE LOVE LAUGH". AGATHIS is known as a force that always prioritizes equality and togetherness in sharing blessings for self, family, environment and alma mater through 3 pillars of activities, namely Agathis For IPB, Aghatis for Communities and Agathis For Aghatis. The series of Reunion activities began with the handing over of laundry equipment assistance to the PPKU Dormitory of IPB on the Dramaga campus on 5 November 2019.

Other activities undertaken are two forms of challenges that are open to Agathis Alumni, namely:

  1. Agathis Business Model Challenge (ABC) which aims to find a mode of joint venture as a form of retirement preparation activities
  2. The Agathis Community Development Model Challenge (ACDC) which aims to find a model of social activity as a form of social service to the community.

Agathis Reunion received support from a number of sponsors, namely: Bank Mandiri, Bank Mandiri International Banking & FI Group, Pegadaian, Jasamarga, Bank Bukopin,

BRI Agro, Daya Lima, Bumi Trikama Jayasri, Prima Kelola, APP Sinar Mas, Breiver, BNI Syariah, Mayora, Unilever, KLHK, senior Entrasol, Inaco, Jack & Jill. Which is also unique is the support from the Directorate for Environment and Forestry in the form of providing 1,000 tree seedlings given to reunion participants at the end of the event to be planted in their immediate environment. It is hoped that this can be one of the AGATHIS citizens' contributions in supporting greening efforts in their respective regions.

The event closed with the announcement of the results of the AGATHIS Chair election 2020-2023. Nelly Oswini as the Chair of AGATHIS 35 Years Reunion Committee appreciated the results the work of all members of the Committee and hopes that the whole AGATHIS family will always maintain togetherness and solidarity while continuing to spread benefits for the family, the environment and the alma mater.

Published Date : 25-Nov-2019

Resource Person : Dr Arif Satria

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