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The Ministry of Agriculture (Kementan) collaborates with IPB University to develop agriculture 4.0. During his visit, the Rector of IPB University and the team were welcomed directly by the Minister of Agriculture (Minister of Agriculture), Syahrul Yasin Limpo to talk about the collaboration that would be conducted between IPB University and the Ministry of Agriculture in the near future.

Minister of Agriculture revealed that the ministry urgently needs the participation of the campus in providing advice for agricultural development in the future.

"I need the rector, I need all the friends from IPB University. Don't leave me alone here. The Rector and friends of IPB University certainly know more academically about agriculture than I understand. I want to work, sir, of course I have to have a backrest," said Syahrul when receiving the IPB University Team during a visit to the Ministry of Ministry's Office, Monday (11/11).

The Minister of Agriculture also expressed his pleasure to see the direct arrival of the Rector of IPB University and the Team whose aim was to discuss collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture program which could be synergized with the IPB University program.

"I'm big hearted today because it turns out I'm not alone, there is IPB University. So as long as there is IPB University with me, if the Ministry of Agriculture is wrong, it means that IPB University is wrong. We can always be together. I'm 25 years old head. It is always the university that I rely on, because it is usual for me to combine the ideal theory which is usually expensive with the conditions we encountered in the field like that. I'm not used to going alone, there must be a college behind me," said Syahrul.

Minister of Agriculture admitted that currently the results in the field will be an important priority scale. The results obtained in the field from the performance carried out must also be fast especially in this 4.0 industrial revolution era.

"I am a field person and what kind of implementation and weaknesses, I want to see the results quickly. So we can't just commit but don't know what the field conditions are like, "he added.

Syahrul also asked all his staff to always learn to see the condition of the developed countries' current field. He also asked to pay attention to the condition of agriculture in the country so that the Ministry of Agriculture can catch up with the developed countries.

"We are at which level and this should be pursued. I need a campus to backup me. We pursue our backwardness. Starting from supporting good mechanization, it is also wise to see our demographics which are also very large, "he said.

At the same time, Rector of IPB University, Prof. Dr. Arif Satria said the Minister of Agriculture was very extraordinary in welcoming his arrival with the group. According to him, because the Minister of Agriculture had a great desire that the future data displayed by the Ministry of Agriculture had such a strong scientific basis.

"Therefore, IPB University will try to support government data and programs. I have also said that the future era is an era where data becomes strength and this coincidence is synergistic with what the Minister has done that we are equally talking about data accuracy which is important for making the right decision," said Prof. Arif.

The IPB University lecturer from the Faculty of Human Ecology revealed that he would continue to explore data and strengthen existing data. This includes the development of farmers' regeneration which is currently an average of 47 years old Indonesian farmers.

"Farmers in Indonesia will experience a crisis in 10 years to 15 years. If it is not anticipated, there will really be a crisis. The Ministry of Agriculture and IPB University have a program to build millennial farmers to strengthen food security from the upstream side and businesses in the field, "he added.

In addition, Prof. Arif said that currently IPB has a program to create technopreneurs and create sociopreneurs in a structured and directed manner so that graduates can be guaranteed.

"Technopreneurs are business people, sociopreneurs are people who use innovation for community assistance, especially in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0 that uses technology based on artificial intelligence and blockchain. Now this will be strengthened and we hope that we will be able to accelerate the implementation of industry 4.0 at the same time so that we will do the process of accelerating the transformation of rural communities so that people are truly prepared with this new technology," said Prof. Arif.

He also revealed that IPB University in the near future will support a warroom that will soon be formed by the Ministry of Agriculture.

"In the near future IPB University will support Warroom to become a national agricultural data control center and the minister has requested that the strengthening of information technology and the strengthening of the substance of digitalization aspects," he added.

Prof. Arif also said that in the near future the Minister of Agriculture and his staff will come to IPB to further discuss the issue of cooperation to welcome 2020.

"The research must be synergized, and I also say that it is time for the Ministry of Research and Development Research and Development Agency with IPB University to have stronger synergy. It would be like what happened in the Netherlands and Japan where major universities have strong synergies for research with government. And there is no dualism anymore but it has become one. We hope that this synergy is mutually beneficial, mutually beneficial, encouraging each other and more directed and organized because it focuses on what we can do together," he concluded. (NR)

Keyword: IPB University, Rector of IPB, agriculture 4.0, lecturer of IPB

Published Date : 15-Nov-2019

Resource Person : Dr Arif Satria

Keyword : IPB University, Rector of IPB, agriculture 4.0, lecturer of IPB