IPB Alumni Dedicate Parks for Almamater

Alumni of IPB University from Class of 26 and 27 created two parks in IPB Dramaga Campus, Bogor (13/4).

According to IPB’s Vice Rector in Partnership and Information System, Prof. Dr. Dodik Nurrochmat, the IPB Alumni Park is a result of partnership between IPB alumni and the Directorate of Partnership and Alumni Relations. There were two phases of this project, the first was in 2018 with the park located in Common Class Room (CCR) and in front of Grha Widya Wisuda (GWW). Meanwhile the second phase will be developed this year from various classes of alumni.

"In addition to a form of care for their almamater, the construction of the parks is one of the efforts to revitalize existing facilities in IPB. With the help of alumni, making parks as IPB facilities can be done. There are at least 10 potential points within the IPB Dramaga Campus which are prioritized for the construction of parks; such as in GWW, Academic Event Plaza, CCR, Gymnasium, Teaching Lab, IPB, FMIPA and Arboretum exits," he said.

The creation of the parks in IPB Dramaga Campus can beautify the environment as well as well create a comfortable and breezy environment. A comfortable and breezy environment will certainly support the activities of residents in it. A breezy environment also makes people healthier and happier. 

According to IPB Rector, Dr. Arif Satria, health is located in a healthy environment. Health does not come from consuming medicine but rather a healthy environment. It is called a holistic health.

"Holistic health can be achieved if there is integration between humans and nature. Because being close to nature will make life happier so that it will affect health. Of course, his hope with the existence of alumni parks can make IPB students healthier because the surrounding environment is green, cool and comfortable," he said.

At the same opportunity, the Secretary General of Central Board (DPP) of IPB Alumni Association (HA), Walneg S. Jas said that HA is very supportive towards the idea of IPB Rector to increase the number of parks in IPB.

Published Date : 23-Apr-2019

Resource Person : Dr. Arif Satria

Keyword : park, IPB Alumni, dedication, holistic health