Titian Muhibah

IPB University signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with a number of Malaysian and Indonesian companies in Kuala Lumpur. The agreement took place at the Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday (7/3) in the Titian Muhibah event, a collaboration between IPB, the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Cultury Attaché in Kuala Lumpur, the Central Board of Governors (DPP) of IPB University Alumni Association (HA IPB), and HA IPB University Malaysia Regional Leadership Council (DPD)

The Rector of IPB University, Dr. Arif Satria, Deputy Chief of Indonesian Representative in Kuala Lumpur, Krishna KU Hannan, Education and Culture Attaché (Dikbud) of the Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Dr. Mokhamad Farid Makruf, Chair of HA IPB University Fathan Kamil. Director of Cooperation and Alumni Relations of IPB University, Dr. Heti Mulyati, former Atdikbud of the Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur Prof. Dr. Ari Purbayanto, motivator Jamil Azzaini, Chair of the Regional Board of Leaders of the Malaysian IPB University Alumni Association Delil Khairat were all present in this event. Also present were a number of IPB University alumni who taught on Malaysian campuses such as prof. Dr. Irwandi Jaswir and Dr. Seca Gandasec. There were also a number of company representatives and campus representatives that were present in this event.

Published Date : 07-Mar-2019

Resource Person : Dr. Arif Satria

Keyword : Titian MUhibah