Sandi Fantea

Students of Agricultural Engineering and Biosystem Study Program

Sandi successfully brought national and international achievements. Since his first year, Sandi was actively involved in organizations and excelled academically. Sandi was an Indonesian delegate in Japan – Asia Youth Exchange Program student exchange in Kobe University, Japan last 2017. In the following year, Sandi was chosen to be a delegate in International Student Congress in Maltepe University, Istanbul, Turkey.

The student from Bumi City also won several debating competition. He was the winner of Agroindustry Festival IPB 2018 National Debating Competition, the third winner of National Debating Competition Formasi Lahan Padjajaran University, and the third winner of National Debating Competition conducted by State University of Yogyakarta.

In community empowerment field, Sandi was chosen to be the participant of Six Universities Initiaive Japan – Indonesia (SUIJI) Program, in Ehime, Japan. Beside participating in many international events, Sandi also championed several national competitions. Not only that, Sandi is currently appointed as IPB Ambassador Batch 4, through that he becomes the face of IPB in promoting the institution to the general society.

Safhira Alfarisi

Vocational School Communication Study Program Students

Safhira Alfarizi won First Place in the 2019 National Achievement Student Election in the Diploma Program Category. Safhira was also chosen as The Most Inspiring Student in the most prestigious national competition for Indonesian students.

In addition, Safhira is the founder of Xchange Hamada, the International Youth Summit student exchange program. He established the program in 2017, and became the fastest, most interesting and most favorite student exchange program in Indonesia. Until August 2019 alone, the total followers of OA Line Xchange Hamada has reached 25,919 people.

Safhira is also the founder of the 10,000 Scholarship Foundation, which is aimed at helping young people to study. His other achievements include Best Delegate Indonesia Youth Action at the 2017 national level, 1st place in Political Debate, 1st place in National Economic Debate, 2nd place in English Speech Competition 2018, and Education Power at Oxford University London.


Ilham Maulidin

Student of Agroindustrial Technology

Ilham has represented the Indonesian government together with 21 selected delegates around the world to join in the Short Term Exchange Program (STEP) in Science and Engineering at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan. During his exchange program in Japan, he also has been invited as a guest speaker in the Tokyo The High School Global Awareness Conference and chosen as a mentor for Tokyo The High School students.

In 2017, Ilham was chosen as delegates in various international conferences such as International Conference on Social Development in ASIA hold by Gadjah Mada University, International Conference of Southeast ASEAN Studies hold by UII and he also was awarded as Excellent Presentation on the 5th International Conference on Teacher Education: Focusing on Teaching Methods and Materials hold by Tamkang University, Taiwan.

In the same year, he also was awarded as the best speaker on Maltepe University International Student Congress (MUISC) 2017 at Maltepe University, Istanbul, Turkey.

Currently, He is being actively involved in a startup company as CEO and Founder of LAHAP Tech-based Company with others IPB students which provides an innovation of healthy school canteen revolution in Indonesia based on Internet of Things (IoT) optimization and empower the local wisdom.


Agronomy and Horticulture Study Program Students

Holidin has been named the West Java Rice Son, 2019. The selection of West Java Rice Sons is the search and fostering of the younger generation of West Java who have concern for the environment, especially agriculture.

As an agricultural ambassador for West Java, Holidin has a duty to invite young people to want to look again at agriculture, help maintain West Java as a national rice barn, and become a bridge of communication between the government and the people.

The student who now serves as chairman of the 2018/2019 IPB Bidikmisi Circle of Friends, has also won 2nd place in the 2019 Bogor City Youth Ambassadors. Besides his achievements, he is also actively managing the convection and hijab business with his Do Upparel brand and 2S Collection.

Haidhar Wurjanto

Alumnae of Management Study Program
Founder of SIMHA Group (Momomilk, Foresthree, Cakekinian, Mozza Bistro)

Haidhar Wurjanto is an alumnus of the Management Department of the Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM). Together with Nur Nabilah, Haidhar pioneered a business in the field of livestock agribusiness which they named as MOMO MILK. The first MOMO MILK business was opened on January 1, 2011. Currently there are 3 MOMO MILK cafes all located in Bogor. MOMO MILK can be a stylish cafe for young people. Besides serving pure milk products, yogurt is also available. The names of the leading drinks are Reo Milkshake, Caramel Milkshake, Durian Milkshake, and others. The flavors are also very innovative such as caramel, wine, melon, oreo, and many more. There is a special attraction that distinguishes MOMO MILK from other milk cafes, namely the glass used to accommodate milk is very cute and unique. These funny and unique properties make Haidar one of the ways for promotion. MOMO MILK has a turnover of up to tens of millions per month. For Bogor Junction, the turnover is an average of Rp 50 million per month, while in Sapta Canteen, IPB Campus, the turnover is around Rp 20 million per month. Prior to having Simha Group which included Momomilk, Foresthree and Mozza, Haidhar had to learn to fail from the various businesses he lived in. He studied entrepreneurship since college. He has various types of businesses such as selling pulses, Japanese food, cell phone casings, and fried rice, until finally he continues to be consistent in the culinary world.