Muhammad Nurdiansyah

Student of Sharia Economics Study Program

Outstanding activist. Those are two words to describe Muhammad Nurdiansyah (Dadan). One of the achievements he had wascoming 2nd on a Paper Competition that was held by Pingtung University, Taiwan, in 2017. 

Dadan initiated the idea of empowering the community through mushrooms cultivation. The approach he took was a communal approach. It aimed to empower the society not only through cultivation but also took into account life quality improvement and economic growth.

Besides that, in 2018, Dadan became the delegation for Future Leaders Camp and Batik Festival (FLCBF) in Kyoto, Japan and snatched the Outstanding Student of Faculty of Economics and Management title.

Dadan is a figure who is actively involved in student organizations. He was the Head of Student Executive Body of the Faculty of Economics and Management in 2018. Currently, he is the Student President of IPB University as well as a Central Coordinator of Indonesian Student Executive Body.

Ardella Maharani

Actuarial Study Program Students

A myriad of achievements in the world of debate, led him to become one of the adjudicator debate at The World Scholar’s Cup (WSC) 2019 Jakarta Round. WSC is a world-class academic competition that focuses on the application of knowledge and connecting it with everyday life. The activity consists of four tournaments, namely Scholar’s Bowl, Collaborative Writing, Scholar’s Challenge, and Team Debate. Each tournament is felt by all participants and has a different level of difficulty. The participants of this competition are middle-high school students from all over the world. The judges of the competition came from Indonesia, the United States, Britain, Singapore, and others.

Other achievements of Ardella are the Top 10 Best Speaker - Debate Main Category The 2019 Asian English Olympics, 1st Best Novice Speaker and Novice Runner Up Java Overland Varsity English Debate 2018, and 1st Best Novice Speaker Ganesha Open Debate Tournament 2018 established her as future debater.

Ardella proved that she was able to be the leader of an organization as well as a prestative student. This IPB University student also served as President of the 2019 IPB Debating Community Student Activity Unit

Langit Biru

Business Study Program Students

Langit and the team won first place in the Indonesian Economic Debate Competition at the 2019 Debate Competition for University (Decofu) held by the Student Executive Board of the Faculty of Economics, Darma Cendika Christian University, Surabaya. The national scale competition was attended by 32 participants from various universities in Indonesia. Participants came from various universities in Indonesia. Langit is the Student Achievement Rank I in IPB 2019 Business School.

This IPB University student has a myriad of achievements including Champion I Indonesian Language Marketing Debate Competition Center for Management of the National Level IPB Marketing Competition in 2018, Champion 2 Indonesian Language Education Debate Contest Sheen Rafflesia National University Initiator Bengkulu 2018, and Champion I in Language Debate Competition Indonesia National at Jakarta State University in 2018.

Langit recorded active in student activities. Now Langit serves as the Head of the Business School's Strategic and Study Department (BEM) for the Business School, IPB University.

Ilhamda El Zuhri

Communication and Community Development Study Program Students

Ilhamda or familiarly called Iin has various achievements in the international arena. At the end of 2018, Iin had the opportunity to become one of the delegates of IPB University in the activities of The 30th All Japan Model United Nations (MUN) held in Tokyo, Japan. In 2019 Iin returned to become a delegation of IPB University at the Geneva International Model United Nations (MUN) which was held in Geneva, Switzerland. MUN is a simulation of the United Nations meeting (UN) in formulating solutions to international problems.

In this MUN event, Ilhamda unleashed its ability to respond to world security issues by conducting lobbying, presentations, and discussion of ideas together with participants from other countries.

His love for the debate world also led to Iin winning the Runner Up Novice Category at the Java Overland Varsity English Debate (JOVED) in Yogyakarta, 2018. Iin was also named the Student Achievement Faculty of Human Ecology in the same year. Recently, Iin won the Runner Up Paper Competition in the 2019 National Economic and Management Olympiad. In addition, Iin was also awarded as Oral Presenter and Young Inspiring Agro-Innovation at the 2nd International Conference on Human Ecology held by the Faculty of Human Ecology, IPB University .

Alfiroos Joluwin

Student of Animal Production Technology Study Program

Firoos, the outstanding student, successfully became the 1st Winner in the National Animal Husbandry Agro-business Competition held by the Association of Animal Sciences Students Indonesia. He was also one of Indonesia's delegation for International Beef Production Summer Course Programme at Adelaide University, Australia.

Last 2018, he was the Indonesian team member who went to Charles Stuart University, Wagga Wagga to participate in the Intercollegiate Meat Judging Competition. He got awarded on the Best Eating Quality category.

This year, Firoos just recently became IPB University Ambassador (Batch V) and is actively involved in Agriaswara Student Choir (PSM) Student Activity Unit (UKM). He was crowned as the 1st Winner on IPB Art Contest in 2016.