Audhi Aprilliant

Statistics Major Student

Audhi shows a big interest in data analysis. This interest of his pushed him to become the 2nd winner of South-East Asian Data Analysis Competition (DAC). This event was held by Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) in 2019. Audhi and team completed the analysis in data with the category big in volume about telecommunication customers to determine will the customers shift to another provider or not. The result of the analysis could become a consideration for the provider company to do campaign to attract customers. This competition is followed by more than 200 team in South-East Asia from various university. In the final round, he and his team managed to overthrown 27 teams.

Muhammad Arif Ilyanto

Islamic Economics Study Program Students

Muhammad Arif Ilyanto or commonly called Aril, won the title in the Constructive Futuristic Idea Student Creativity Program (PKM-GFK) at the 32nd 2019 National Student Scientific Week (Pimnas) at Udayana University, Bali. In this competition, Aril and the team brought the idea of a Quality Education-Smart Parent application.

Increasing smartphone ownership in every family member has the potential to disrupt communication between family members. For this reason, Aril and the team present the Quality Education-Smart Parent application with the aim that parents can control their children through their own gadgets.

In addition to being an accomplished at Pimnas, in 2019, Aril also won several achievements such as Best Paper at the International Islamic Economics Conference at International Islamic University Malaysia, 3rd Winner of Marketing Challenge of Ideacompetition and Tugu Pratama Insurance by IPB University, 1st Champion Islamic Economic Debate Competition at Fossei Temilreg Summit at Trisakti University, Jakarta and 1st Champion SMAC SDGs Debate Competition at the Faculty of Human Ecology, IPB University.

Aril is also active in organizational activities. He served as President of the Sharia Economic Student Club in 2019 and was a beneficiary of the Bogor House Leadership Scholarship. Currently, Aril serves as the Ambassador of the Institute of IPB University.

Adinda Rana Fauziah

Students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Rana is a beneficiary of the 2019 Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) for ASEAN’s countries. GKS is a scholarship program for outstanding students studying in science and technology from eight ASEAN countries.

Rana follows the fully funded GKS short summer course. The program is designed to provide students with deep scientific insights in the fields of science and technology as well as experience studying in Korea. Rana had the opportunity to study at Chungnam National University, Daejeon, Korea. At the end of the program, Rana and the team won the Best Poster Presenter category.

Rana is also active in various activities including TedXIPB, Animal Anatomy Laboratory Assistant FKH IPB University, International Veterinary Students' Association as Journal of the Creator for Standing Committee on Animal Welfare, and AIESEC IPB as a Quality Experience Team Leader of Outgoing Global Volunteer. Rana was also selected as the most outstanding student of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine 2019.

Tegar Nur Hidayat

Students of Agricultural and Biosystem Engineering Study Program

Tegar and the team obtained the Silver Medal at the ASEAN-Indian Grassroot Innovation Forum organised by the Department of Science and Technology, Republic of the Philippines in 2019. Tegar and the team proposed innovations in the form of tools to help oil palm fruit bunch collectors to increase their income and reduce worker fatigue. The tool is called Erbron-C or ergonomic fruit bunch collector.

Tegar also won 1st place in the 2019 Agricultural Engineering for Sustainable Agriculture Production (AESAP) and in the Tanoto Student Research Award at IPB University. He was also a gold medalist in the poster category and in the presentation category at PIMNAS 32.

His great interest in agricultural technology makes him contribute to a student organisation, namely the Agricultural Engineering Student Association (Himateta). He is also entrusted as Chairman of the Department of Research and Academics for the 2019-2020 period. 

Edo Bagasunanda

Edo got the First Place as well as the Overall Winner in Nusantara Innovation Summit, National Governing Institute (IPDN) Expo 2019. Edo and his team won the Best Innovation and Best Stand categories in the competition. The competition was participated by students from all over Indonesia.

Edo and the team created a game in the from of educative cards called ‘QUARTER’. The game is supposed to give solution to the decreasing interest of students in natural sciences. Students’ enthusiasm card games is utilized by Edo and team to create the game.

Edo is the fourth Most Outstanding Student of Faculty of Forestry in 2019. He was also the Head of Academics and Achievements Department of Faculty of Forestry’s Student Executive Body, 2018-2019 period.

Edo is an awardee of Rumah Kepemimpinan Bogor scholarship and was the Ministry of Achievements in Dormitory of Rumah Kepemimpinan Bogor 2019. (Ard)