Mella Aprilia

Student of Program Studi Production Technology and Management of Aquaculture Study Program, College od Vocational Studies

Mella is an achiever. She is very active in participating various competitions at the national and international level. She has won a series of awards. Some f them are the 1st place in the National Business Plan at the College of Fisheries in 2020, Best Presenter for the National Business Plan at Yogyakarta State University in 2020, The 4th rank of the 1st National Scientific Writing, in the Indonesian Agricultural Student Scientific Week, Olivia National Business Plan Finalists (2019), Spatial Plan Ambassador for South Sumatra in 2017, and Delegation of Summer Course for Vocational School IPB University (2020) and got the best project. While continuing her study, Mella is still active in business. Mella is currently the owner of Birokost_IPB which has more than 20 partners, and the owner of Mel's Hijab.

Besides of her busy schedule, Mella is also active as a mentor of scientific papers and business plans for students in the Vocational School of IPB University. Anna, as the second daughter of four siblings, is also actively involved in the organization. Currently, Mella is the Coordinator of Campus Da'wah Organization in Al Ghifari Campus, Head of Education and Profession Division in the Fisheries Student Association and a member of Outstanding to be Inspiring IPB University.


Satrio Wicaksono

Business School Student

Satrio is a student who is active in organizations. It was noted that he could never become Vice President of the Business and Entrepreneurship Student Association (ABEST) IPB University Business School. He is also entrusted with being the Head of the Solution Synergy Program Division and Chair of the Outsco 55 Student Force of IPB University.

Even though he is preoccupied with his organization, Satrio continues to excel by participating in various competitions. To date, he has won awards including the Best Speaker for the 2019 National Business Case Competition, 1st Place in the 2020 IRMAPA Vlog Competition, IPB University Delegation for the 2020 National Investment Research Competition, and 2nd Place in the 2020 International Essay Competition. From these achievements, Satrio received the opportunity to get a Djarum scholarship in 2020 and become an Outstanding Student of IPB University Business School.

Satrio also has a number of business activities. Some of the businesses he is currently doing are the convection business at and bench.corner.


Muhammad Eqie Dwi Arnanda

Muhammad Eqie Dwi Arnanda
Undergraduate Student of Biochemistry

Throughout his year in IPB University, Egie has been collecting several national and international awards. He was successfully achieved several awards such as 2nd position in International Scientific Poster Competition on Sustainable Global Food System held by Vocational School IPB University in 2020, 1st position in National Public Health Essay Competition from Airlangga University in 2020, 2nd position in National Scientific and Reasoning Week Paper in 2019, 1st position in Scientific Paper Competition (LKTI) held by Permira Russia in 2019, and 4th position in LKTI Annual Conference of Economics Forum 2019. On international scale, Egie is elected as delegation for International Conference of Health Ministries Council 2020 and International Summer Course on Maritime, Agriculture and Sustainable Food System in Tropical Countries 2020.

Aside of academic achievement, Egie was actively doing social activities as well. Currently, he is active in Perdada.ku Community located in West Tanjung Jabung, Jambi. Through this community, he is trying to develope pedada fruit with local community. On the other hand, Egie was once elected as delegation for National Children and Youth Forum under Childfun Indonesia and also volunteer for Kikigaki Indonesia in 2019.

Egie’s organization experience was also as bright as his academic achievement. Currently, he is the Headmaster of Forces IPB University as well as member of Indonesia Young Scientist Association. Beforehand, Egie was also elected as Vice President of Jambi Student Association, and Ambassador of Environment IPB University.


Krisan Valerie Sangari

Forest Management Study Program Student

Armed with her concern for the younger generation in her area, Krisan succeeded in forming a community called Youth for You Kawanua located in North Sulawesi. This community is used as a forum for young people and teenagers to develop themselves and as a means of volunteering. On the sidelines of developing her community, Krisan is trusted as the Head of the Public Relations Commission of the International Forestry Student's Association Local Committee of IPB University, a member of the Tanoto Foundation Scholarship Social Development Division, a member of the Design and Website Division of TEDx IPB University and Vice Project Officer ICC Goes To External 2019.

This Sulawesi-born student also has various achievements. She was recorded as having received the Best Paper award from FAO Asia Youth International Model United Nations 2019, Indonesia Global Place Chain Ambassador 2020, ASEAN Youth Peace Campaign Grant Nominee 2020, 3rd Place in the North Sulawesi Kihajar Competition and Yaki Ambassador for the Selamatkan Yaki Foundation, North Sulawesi.

During her study, Krisan received a scholarship from the Tanoto Foundation and was named the Exemplary scholarship recipient. She also received the Student Achievement Award at the Faculty of Forestry and Environment IPB University.

Andrew Pranata

Andrew Pranata
Students of Food Science and Technology Study Program

Being a student at Faculty of Agricultural Technology motivated Andrew to achieve. It is noted that Andrew has received various achievements such as the recipient of the Erasmus + scholarship at the University of Turku, Finland in 2020, the Awardee of the Hokkaido Summer Institute in Japan in 2019 and 1st Winner in Business Case Comp. IPB University Ideanation in 2019.

Andrew is also actively involved in the Student Executive Board (BEM) of Faculty of Agricultural Technology as a member of Arts and Culture Division and has been a Volunteer Association internationale des étudiants en sciences économiquies et commerciales (AIESEC) Entrepreneurship Program in Bogor City.

Apart from being active in organizations and with achievements, Andrew is also active in his business. The business he runs is a coffee business which he named kold.bru inc. He runs his business with three friends in Bogor.