Muhammad Anbiya Al Hakim

Student of Landscape Architecture Study Program

Anbiya or colloquially known as Abi was a student of the Landscape Architecture study program, and has hopes to achieve high. In an international level, Abi managed to achieve first place of Poster Competition, Student Poster Competition: International E-conference on Sustainable Agriculture and Farming System (ICoSAFS) 2020, and reached the third position for Performance Competition on the 10th Assembly of Landscape Architecture Student Malaysia 2019. He also got the opportunity to be an International Summer Course of Sustainable Agriculture in Sub-Tropic 2019 participant. In a national level, Abi and his team achieve first in Most Favorite Design SKALA-Green Open Space: The Breathable Architecture of Human and Environment 2020.

Abi’s also active in non-academic activities in agriculture student organizations such as IAAS Indonesia, as Board of Communication. Right now, Abi’s also mandated to be an IPB University ambassador and his role is to be a pillar of institutional promotion and represent IPB University students to external stakeholders, such as students, teachers, and parents of future students and other stakeholders.


Husna Fadhilah Amalia

Agricultural Industrial Engineering Student

While studying at IPB University, Husna had the opportunity to receive a Toyota-Astra scholarship from the Toyota Foundation and Astra Indonesia for the 2019/2020 Academic Year. Husna also had the opportunity to take part in a student exchange program at the International Autumn School for Environmental Studies, GSGES, Kyoto University in 2019. In the same year, Husna also had the opportunity to become a participant in the Kyoto University International Symposium on Education and Research in Global Environmental Studies in Asia 2019.

On the sidelines of her busy participation in international activities, Husna is also active in organizations. Husna is currently trusted to be the Head of the Cinematorium, Faculty of Agricultural Technology. She has also been a member of the Public Relations Division of the Industrial Technology Student Association (Himalogin) and a member of the Research, Communication and Information Bureau of the Student Executive Board for the General Competency Education Program (BEM PPKU).

Takkas Abelio Napitupulu

Nutrition Science Study Program Student

Takkas Abelio Napitupulu is an active and communicative student. He is currently listed as the Co-Leader of Kejar Mimpi (Chase Dreams) in Bogor. Previously, he was trusted to be in charge of the Online Campaign Project by the Indonesian Financial Inclusion Ambassador (2019-2020) and the Project Coordinator of Competition Test from the Indonesian Nutrition Student Association (2018-2019). At IPB University, Takkas was also trusted as the Supervisor Committee of the Nutrition Science Student Association (Himagizi) and the Head of the Public Speaking Creative Learning Club Division.

Takkas activities in organization did not prevent him from achieving. In 2020, he won 3rd place in The 1st IPB International Conference on Nutrition and Food Essay Competition, 3rd Place in the SATRIA DATA Statistics Essay Competition, 1st Place in Scientific Paper Competition VENUE and 2nd Place in the SCIFI Neutron Paper Competition. In 2019, Takkas won 3rd place in the SCIFI Neutron Paper Competition, 3rd place in the HiLo Marketing Strategy Competition and 3rd place in the SCIFI Neutron Nutrition Olympiad. In the same year, he also had the opportunity to become a participant in the Asian Congress of Nutrition.

Ande Reo Barata

Undergraduate Student of Aquatic Products Technology

Currently, Ande is elected as IPB University Ambassador. In the middle of his as ambassador, Ande is trusted as Official Delegate of Asia Youth International Model United Nation Malaysia for Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) 2020. In 2019, Ande had the opportunity to become Official Delegate of International Youth Forum Singapore and is trusted as Brand Ambassador Mamikost Campus.

As a Kartu Indonesia Pintar (KIP) scholarship awardee, Ande always try to develop himself. During college, he is active in organizations, such as Staff at Aquatic Products Technology Student Association, Staff at Climate Smart Generation, and Staff at IPB Student Emergency Response Team.

Muhamad Samsul Maarif

Student of the Land Resource Management Study Program

Samsul is an active student in the organization, has achievements, and a social spirit. Recorded this year, Samsul trusted as a Chair of  Agriculture and Ecologist Competition and Deputy Chair of the Masterpiece Faculty of Agriculture. Previously also, Samsul gets trust as a Deputy Chair of the Belitung Student Family Association (2019).

On the sidelines of his organization, Samsul did not stop to make achievements. During his study Samsul won 1st rank in the National Scientific Writing Competition, The Landformation Universitas Padjadjaran (2020), 1st rank in the National Essay Competition for Meteorological Day IPB University (2020), 1st Position in the International Scientific Poster Soil Festival (2020), 2nd Runner-up in National Essay Competition Pamulang University Math Revolution (2020), and 1st Position in the Online Soil Judging Contest, to welcome the World Soil Day, organized by the Center for Research and Development of Agricultural Land Resources, Ministry of Agriculture. Samsul also had the opportunity to present his work at the Summer Course Sustainable Tropical Agriculture, Faculty of Agriculture, IPB University (2020).

From these achievements, Samsul had the opportunity to get the Argacitra 23 scholarship in 2019, the Bright Scholarship Batch 4, and the Outstanding Student College Scholarship 2020. He also successfully established a social program called YukKITEBELAJAR, a social project that focuses on social-education for children in Belitung Regency.