Farhah Faridah, SE, MM

Expertise: Archivists and Archives Resources

Development of an Inactive Archive List

Development of inactive records list with the addition of inactive year columns, level of development, inactive retention, recommendations (destroyed / permanent), Security Classification and Archive Access System (SKKAA), year of extinction, year of submission and information (vital / not) for purposes other than as a tool for archiving loan retrieval as well as monitoring the subsequent stages of depreciation of archives. Through the development of the list, archivists can plan and prepare procedures for the destruction of records or procedures for submitting records to archival institutions according to archival rules (using the Archive Retention Schedule (JRA) and the Security Classification and Archive Access System (SKKAA) and remain guided by the Law Law (Law) Number 43 of 2009 and Government Regulation (PP) number 28 of 2012 concerning archiving.


  • As an archive retrieval tool archive at the record center
  • According to the rules of archiving and guided in Law Number 43 Year 2009 and PP Number 28 of 2012 concerning Archiving
  • Monitoring the stages of archive shrinkage next stage (destroyed or handover) can be done efficiently with look at the development columns inactive archive list
  • Monitoring of archive access rights can be done by looking at the SKKAA column
  • Archivist in charge of the record the center can plan the eradication or surrender procedures more efficiently

Appreciation :

  • 2nd Place Educational Staff Achievement IPB level Archive category in 2019
  • Finalists of the National Olympic Writing Poetry the theme of the Holy Month of Ramadan, Publisher Sinar Gamedia 2019
  • BNSP Certification in Education and Education and Training with Instructor qualifications / competencies Implementing Face to Face Training Year 2017
  • Writer of short stories in the contest short story Femina 2016
  • Champion 2 Outstanding Educational Personnel IPB level in the General Administration category The year 2010

Fathurrohman, S.Kom, M.Kom

Archivist with Achievement Ranked # 1 IPB University

Finding: Digital Archive Management

In order to improve efficiency, effectiveness and speed in managing records, digital archive management tools are provided. Digital archive management tools are created in the form of software in the form of a web-based application program called the Archive Management Information System (SIMARSIP).

Initially SIMARSIP was only for correspondence purposes, where the facilities consisted only of recording incoming and outgoing letters, searching archives, as well as incoming and outgoing mail recap reports. At present facilities are provided regarding the determination of archive classification, so that the records retention schedule (JRA) is easily monitored and recapitulated. This new facility refers to the Rector's Decree (SK) No. 13 / IT3 / TU / 2017 Regarding the Archive Retention Schedule in the IPB Environment, all classification data types of archives and JRA in the Rector's Decree are already stored in the program, so users only choose it.

The implementation of the use of SIMARSIP has been socialized and conducted training for archiving officers in all departments at FMIPA. Through SIMARSIP, the pile of "Enough in the Hands" archives.

The future development plan is to provide official manuscript notification facilities (to trace the track record of the creation of archives already in the process / stages), making official manuscripts on line, making minutes of records destruction and archive transfers.


  • Provide archive backups in the form digital
  • Help archives / correspondence officers in searching archives quickly (inunit of seconds)
  • Help archiving managers in make archival related reports up to date anytime and anywhere course (list of decree, list of assignments, list cooperation, list of incoming letters, list of letters out, list Retention Archive Schedule)
  • Can share documents with work units other
  • Can send documents / archives to leadership via e-mail without having to open a personal email.

Appreciation :

  • Finalist (Top 5) Best Archivist 2023 National level (ANRI) 
  • Finalist (Top 10) Best Archivist Ministry of Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Level 2020
  • Champion 1 Educational Achievement Staff IPB level Archive Category 2019
  • 1st Place Educational Staff Achievement IPB Level Academic Year Category 2010
  • 1st Place Educational Staff Achievement National level academic year category 2010
  • 2nd Place in IPB Staff Blog Web Contest Category Educational Personnel in 2012
  • Microsoft Certification Excellence (Office Excel) from Microsoft the year 2010

Rafina Mahdia, A.Md

Staff Administration of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

1st Winner in General Administration Category, Outstanding Educational Staff at IPB Level 2019

Innovation :

Information System of Recommendation List for Determining Credit Score for Educational Institutes of the Faculty of Veterinary Education Laboratory (DUPAK PLP FKH) is an innovation developed to ease the data processing. Its objective is to automate the data-processing to determine the adjustment of rank and position that has always been done manually. The system can be used centrally in IPB University and can even be adopted by the Kemenristekdikti. The Dupak PLP FKH IPB University System has been implemented since mid-2018.

Innovation excellence :

  • Ease the data-processing for PLP rank and position adjustment
  • Improve the service quality
    • Data accuracy increase the service quality of administration management
    • Provide real-time, quick, correct, and transparent information
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Can be used centrally

 Award :

2nd Winner in General Administration Category, Outstanding Educational Staff at IPB Level 2018

Experience :

  • Staff Administration of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (2016-present)
  • Laboratory Assistant in the Laboratory of Education and Service of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (2015-2016)
  • Assistant Treasurer in the Educational Animal Hospital (2006-2015)
  • Laboratory Assistant in the Laboratory of Clinical Diagnostic Educational Animal Hospital (2004-2015)

Nurdianah, SE

Publication Manager of the Indonesian Agronomy Journal, Department of Agronomy and Horticulture, Faculty of Agriculture 

Specialty : Scientific Publication Manager (Public Administrations) 

Inovations :

“PaPeLO-JAI” to Improve the Agronomy Journal Management of Indonesia Online

Excellence in innovation:

  • Make it easy for writers and reviewers to send texts to the Online Journal System (OJS).
  • Make it easy for the editor to check every script that comes in.
  • Make it easy for the editor to forward the manuscript to be reviewed by the board of reviewers.
  • Minimize the intensity of the editor explaining the procedure to the author and reviewers (because the steps can be learned from PaPeLO themselves).
  • Maintain the integrity of the archive of authenticity, easily find the archive if needed and save time, effort and money.


Champion 3 in the General Administration Category for Achievement Education Workers at the IPB Level 2019


  • Library Staff of the Department of Agronomy and Horticulture, Faculty of Agriculture IPB 2001 - 2005.
  • Administrative Staff of the Indonesian Agronomy Journal (JAI) Department of Agronomy and Horticulture, Faculty of Agriculture IPB 2006 - until now.
  • Carry out editing and draft publishing of the Indonesian Agronomy Journal (JAI), 2006 - present.
  • 4. Layouter of the Indonesian Agronomy Journal (JAI), 2009 - present.

Sulistiyo, A.Md

Business School Publication Manager (SB)

Champion 2 in the General Administration Category, Outstanding Educational Staff of IPB in 2019

 Expertise: Management of Scientific Publications (General Administration)

Innovation :

Efficiency of supporting data towards advanced institutions. This system is an innovation that was developed to obtain supporting data in realtime and is equipped with attachment evidence. This system can also be used as a parameter to determine the performance of Human Resources (HR) both the teaching staff (tendik) and lecturers, as well as institutions. This is due to supporting data used as a requirement in an HR evaluation and the process of applying for study program or institution accreditation.

 Excellence in innovation :

  • Facilitate the process of fulfilling supporting data (Accreditation and Ranking) and material for lecturer / tendik promotion
  • As a documentation / archive
  • Paperless
  • Provides ease in supporting data both personal and institutional quickly, accurately and accompanied by related attachments.

Position that was held :

  • Staff of the Cooperation and Quality Assurance Division of SB-IPB Year 2011 - present.
  • Staff / layout of AGRIMEDIA Magazine 2011-2016
  • Layouter and Secretariat Journal of Management and Agribusiness (JMA) 2011 - present.
  • Layouter and Secretariat of Business and Management Application Journal (JABM) 2015 - present.
  • Layouter and Secretariat of the Indonesian Journal of Business and Entrepreneurship (IJBE) 2015 - present.
  • Manager of SB-IPB Online Publication Journal 2015 - present.