Dr (HC) Ir Muhammad Gunung Soetopo

Owner of Sabila Farm
Alumni of the Faculty of Agriculture, Graduated in 1982

Dr (HC) Ir M Gunung Soetopo is one of the alumni of IPB University who this year received an Honorary Doctor or Doctor Honoris Causa from his alma mater, IPB University. Ir Muhammad Gunung Soetopo who is familiarly called as Gun Soetopo is one of the Bachelor of Soil Science graduate from the Faculty of Agriculture who has consistently pursued the field of agriculture in Indonesia. Because of his high motivation to become a farmer, his job as a Civil Servant (PNS) was abandoned after three years. Gun Soetopo, started dragon fruit gardening in 2006 by renting village land of 6.5 hectares. With the Sabila Farm flag, Gun Soetopo's business rapidly grew. With his creations and innovations (Kreanova), he succeeded in turning the former mining land into a dragon fruit plantation. The effort to build agriculture with a techno-socio-entrepreneurial character has resulted in extraordinary achievements and impacts for the development of the fields of science, technology, social, humanity and society for agricultural development in Indonesia. Gun Soetopo's Sabila Farm has developed into an agro-tourism area, a shopping place for tropical fruits, as well as a training ground for agriculture. As an agro-tourism place, Sabila Farm offers trips through the garden with a variety of exotic fruits, cool air, and beautiful views of Mount Merapi. Interestingly, you can also enjoy ripe fruit by picking it straight from the tree. In addition, there are also village tour services and outdoor activities such as outbound and teamwork games. Sabila Farm also provides training about agriculture for visitors who want to get involved in the agricultural business. Some of the training materials that are usually delivered are about organic agriculture, dragon fruit cultivation, soursop cultivation, sugar-apple cultivation, pomegranate cultivation, papaya cultivation, agro-tourism management, food self-sufficiency, and marketing of agricultural products.


Jamil Azzaini

CEO Kubik Leadership Group
Alumnus Fakultas Pertanian Angkatan 24

Ia dikenal sebagai Inspirator Sukses Mulia.  Julukan tersebut  didasari kepiawaiannya mendorong orang untuk selalu meraih kehidupan terbaik: Sukses Mulia. Alumnus Fakultas Pertanian (Faperta) IPB University Angkatan 24 ini sejak tahun 2016 menjadi CEO Kubik Leadership Group. Lebih dari 150 perusahaan/instansi  mengundangnya untuk berbagi inspirasi baik melalui seminar, training, workshop maupun pendampingan. Tak kurang 10 judul buku telah ditulisnya dan hampir semuanya menjadi best seller. Ia pun menjadi komisaris di beberapa perusahaan. Ilmu leadership yang dimilikinya menjadi berkah bagi berbagai program yang dirancangnya seperti Tahfizh Leadership, program untuk melahirkan pemimpin masa depan yang hafal Al Quran, tersebar di tujuh kota. Juga program Tahfizh Properti dimana para penghafal Al-Qur’an diberikan pembekalan dan pendampingan bisnis, khususnya bisnis properti. Bersama Himpunan Alumni IPB, ia juga menggagas program Mentoring Leader untuk mempersiapkan calon lulusan IPB agar menjadi para pemimpin di masyarakat. Kepeduliannya pada anak yatim mendorongnya menjadi penasehat Yatim Mandiri, sebuah lembaga sosial untuk memandirikan anak-anak Yatim.

Erdi Pratama

Erdi Pratama
CEO of the Museum Alumni of the Faculty of Economics and Management Graduation Year 2017

MusimPanen specializes in agricultural products of aromatic plants for extracting. The extract from this aromatic plant will be used as an essential oil. The aromatic products are then sold to the perfume industry or other chemical industries. So that the core of the business process is planting, processing it into oil, then selling it to related companies.

One of the objectives of MusimPanen is to have a positive impact on Indonesian farmers and the development of other crops. The development itself is already felt. Initially the land owned by the partner they managed for the nursery was two hectares, now it has reached 20 hectares. In 2018, Erdi won the Singapore International Foundation and received a prize worth 200 million rupiah which he used to develop his business in West Kalimantan, South Sumatra and West Java. Erdi Pratama's ultimate goal is to build independent villages in Indonesia.

While still a student, Erdi was an Indonesian delegate to the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) Generation Startup Weekend 2015, outstanding students of the 2016 Agribusiness Department, Indonesian delegation at the 2016 International Student Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, 2016 Unilever Future Leaders League. IAAS / nas