Kiman Siregar

Agricultural Machinery Entrepreneurs

Graduated from Mechanical Engineering and Biosystems in 2001

Kiman Siregar, has two companies namely PT Air Surya Radiator and PT Solusi Sawit Indonesia. PT Air Surya Radiator is a private company established since 1999 that is competent and experienced in the field of heat transfer. The company is engaged in the fabrication of heat transfer equipment, including heavy duty radiators, oil coolers, intercoolers & after coolers, heat exchangers, steam heaters or dryers, condensers, evaporators, suitable remote radiators, special order radiators . Besides these two companies, Kiman also pioneered Dakara Coffee in Dramaga, Bogor.

Thanks to his various activities, Kiman Siregar was given the mandate to serve as Chair of the Indonesian Life Cycle Assessment Network (ILCAN) in 2019-2022 and Chair of the Agricultural Mechanization and Engineering Alumni Association (Ikameta) in 2019-2023

Pipit Pratama

Alumni of Aquatic Product Technology Study Program, year of 2011 

Kobi Education owner

Initially Pipit Pratama owned a business called NgeIELTS, an educational institution for the community. However, some time ago, Pipit decided to rebrand his business into Kobi Education. Kobi Education Institute focuses on educational services such as student placement service, scholarship consultation and IELTS preparation course. The total number of users who have joined with Kobi Education is currently more than 8000 users and spread throughout Indonesia.

Kobi Education's business, which was pioneered by Pipit Pratama, succeeded in bringing several awards. Some of the awards that have been obtained are the Champion 2 in the category of Young Indonesian Entrepreneurs and Trade Entrepreneurs (WMP) with National Achievement from the Ministry of Youth and Sports in 2019.


Siti Nurbaya Bakar

Siti Nurbaya Bakar Minister of Environment and Forestry Republic of Indonesia

Siti Nurbaya Bakar graduated with a Bachelor's degree from IPB University in 1979 and continued her doctorate at IPB University (collaborating with Siegen University, Germany) and graduated with a doctorate in 1998. Her career began when she graduated from S1 by serving in Bappeda Lampung for 17 years. Completed from Lampung, she continued her career in Jakarta by serving as Head of the Planning Department of the Ministry of Home Affairs from 1998-2001. She was assigned as Secretary General of the Ministry of Home Affairs in 2001-2005 and had served as Secretary General of the DPD RI in 2006-2013. She received the position as Minister of Environment and Forestry in 2014-2019 and again had the opportunity to become Minister of KLHK for the period 2019-2024.

She has received many achievements and awards. Some of these awards include the Exemplary Civil Servants (PNS) in 2004, Extraordinary Work Achievements in 2004, the Satya Lencana Karya XX Award in 2001, the Satya Lencana Karya Satya XXX Award in 2010, the Bintang Satya Lencana Service Workshop Award in 2004 and the Utama Jasa Bintang Award in 2011.