Dr Baban Sarbana, SE, MSi

PT Ideagile Digital Ecobaraya
Alumnus of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Graduated in 1995

Baban Sarbana is the Director of PT Rumah Tulis and PT Ideagile Digital Ecobaraya. This man, born in 1974, has achieved 11 achievements both nationally and internationally and has written his thoughts in 13 books.

This achievement is the 1st Winner of Poverty Management Innovation, in 2019. 1st Winner of Regional Innovation Degree, in 2019. DAAI TV Philanthropy, 2018. Finalist trubus Kusala Swadaya, in 2015. The Champion on B Channel TV, 2013. The Indonesian Changemakers Award 2012. Golden Ticket Winner to USA, 2012. Ten Outstanding Young Person 2012 Junior Chamber International Indonesia and Cyber Hero from www.KlikHati.com, 2011

Baban has been an entrepreneur since he was an undergraduate student at IPB University. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Baban is also involved in the world of sociopreneurs.

According to him being a sociopreneur for him is a call, not a job, not purely a business. In 2010, Baban founded YatimOnline, an activity carried out under yayasan Berkah Yatim Mandiri. This program begins with the establishment of a residential house as a center for the activities of orphans in Tamansari Village, Bogor Regency.

The name YatimOnline actually started from his simple desire to communicate the empowerment activities of orphans through online media networks. Intense social media activities, he believes will have a very good impact on the development of community empowerment activities at the grassroots, without knowing the boundaries of the region, in rural areas.

Muhammad Malik Gunawan, STP

CEO PT Adev Natural Indonesia
Alumni of Faculty of Agricultural Technology, graduated in 2004

Starting from research on the development of bar soap for beauty conducted by IPB University researchers, Malik was trusted by Prof. Erliza Hambali and Dr. Ani Suryani to build PT Adev Natural Indonesia (ANI) in 2007. PT ANI was born as a quality cosmetic maklon company and already has a licensed factory of class A production.

In other words, PT ANI can produce forms and types of cosmetic preparations ranging from solid, semi-solid, liquid, viscous liquid, cream and others. Available products are soap, haircare, skincare, bodycare and maklon lip tint, maklon lip cream, lip balm (oil base), lip serum, and tinted lip balm.

The company is run and applied from laboratory-scale experiments to commercial business scale so that the company is required to implement an effective and efficient process in increasing production scale.

PT ANI's future target is to focus marketing on retail and trading for cosmetics and personal care, hotel toiletries, salons and spas. In addition, the company announced local and foreign target markets in several potential countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, France, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Ir Nana Mintarti, MP

Community Development Activist
Alumnus of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, graduated 1993

After completing her undergraduate education, Nana chose to work in non-profit organizations and in the world of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). Nana's career journey began in 1994 when she joined the Indonesian Consumers Foundation. Then in 1997 Nana took part in the Environmental Partners Fund with USAID's Project Cleaner Production.

In 1998, Nana joined Dompet Dhuafa and held several positions. Nana was once the Community Service and Empowerment Program Manager, General Manager, Planning and Program Development, Director of Communications and External Relations, Director of Social Development at Dompet Dhuafa. In 2005, Nana also became the Director of Masyarakat Mandiri and in 2008 became the Director of the Zakat Management Institute (IMZ).

Nana is now a Commissioner at the National Zakat Agency (Baznas). Apart from taking part in Baznas, Nana is also active as a trainer, resource person and consultant in the fields of community development, zakat management, non-profit organization management, Human Resources (HR) management, management performance measurement systems: Balance Scorecard, Malcolm Baldridge Criteria for Performance Excellence, Strategic Planning, Leaderships.