Tri Mumpuni Wiyatno

Alumni Social Economic of Agriculture Study, Batch 20

Called as “Electric Women”, Tri Mumpuni Wiyatno with her husband dedicate their life to build micro hydro (water turbine). Women that always called Puni build independent and prosperous community through renewable economic. And water turbine.

Puni and husband’s goal is they want to contribute in building nation through independent energy that source from nature. Their principle is, when nature gives, they must conserve.

Their innovation succeed in effecting rural community economy, health, and education. Her love about walking around village realized her that village has rich water source but not used yet.

Puni achieved Ashden Awards on 2012. Ashden is United Kingdom Non Government Organization that involved in environmentally friendly energy. Prince Charles is one of the Ashden Awards supervisor. By this award, Puni feels encourage to provide micro hydro water turbine electricity access in small villages.

Puni now is a Director of Business and Economic Community Institute. She also succeed in achieving other awards by her dedication to community. There are Climate Hero – World Wildlife Fund (WWF) for Nature on 2005 and Raymon Magsaysay Award on 2012.

Hendra Etri Gunawan

Alumnus of Management Study Program, Batch 43

In 2019, Hendra was named the Indonesia Future Human Resources (HR) Leader by SWA Magazine. Indonesia Future HR Leader is a place to find future leaders in the field of human resource management. This man who is commonly called Ege builds an agile organisation by providing solutions so that every organisation or company can be dynamic in facing changes and the office can become a second home for employees.

Ege's journey in the HR field began in 2010 and has gone through various sectors, ranging from public, private, and non-profit organisations. At present Ege is the Learning Manager at Bukalapak, which is in charge of 2,700 employees. He is also the Chair of the Alumni Association of the Faculty of Economics and Management of IPB University in the 2019-2022 period. While being a student, Ege was also active in various student activities.

Rio Ardiansyah Murda

Alumnus of the Forest Product Technology Study Program, Class of 50

CEO of Let It Wood

Rio Ardiansyah Murda is one of the alumni who succeeded in turning wood waste into a more valuable creative craft named Let It Wood. Together with two colleagues, Indra Lorenza and Rendy Yudha Kurniawan, Rio has been pioneering Let It Wood since 2017. This product is made from container wood waste which partly comes from community wood. According to them, buying community timber can improve the welfare of smallholder timber farmers.

Let It Wood has a variety of forms, ranging from tokens, frames, paintings on wood (potodinakai) to furniture. The price also varies from 10 thousand to 300 thousand depending on the level of difficulty in the process. They sell it through Instagram, Facebook and the marketplace. This product has been sold to various regions of Indonesia and to other countries such as Japan and the Netherlands.