Maulana Ishak

Maulana Ishak
President Director of PT Nusantara Multi Jaya
Alumni of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences Graduated 2011 

Starting from the social activities he carried out with the IPB University Alumni Association in Lombok, Ishak discovered a variety of potentials that could be developed for economic rehabilitation in disaster areas. At that time, Ishak tried to help the craftsmen sell pearls outside Lombok in the hope that the economy would grow. Finally in 2019, Ishak founded PT Nusantara Multi Jaya.

Until 2020, sales volume continues to increase. Because the business that is built comes from social activities, it must be returned to social activities. Ishak also cooperates with Dompet Dhuafa Pendidikan as a Co-Branding Partner as an added value of its products and business. From this collaboration, for every pearl sale, there is a donation for Dompet Dhuafa Pendidikan. In July 2020, Ishak added the added value of his business and products to community economic empowerment that had not been touched during the disaster. Namely cooperating with the Nyiuh Daya Benefit Community Group in North Lombok Regency. This group produces Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO). PT Nusantara Multi Jaya functions as the VCO promoter. Namely, every pearl purchase can be VCO free. The goal is for pearl consumers to get to know and try Lombok VCO. Now, Ishak has distributed thousands of VCOs every month.

Until now, the pearl business has been managed by 44 leaders serving approximately 10,000 resellers throughout Indonesia. Coupled with 10 Mini Galleries located throughout Indonesia. Precisely in Kediri, Serang, Tasikmalaya, Bima, Mataram, Bogor, South Jakarta, Muara Enim, Manokwari, and Sukabumi. In the future, Isaac will develop local wisdom from other islands according to his abilities. Now Ishak is glancing at Herbal Scrub from the Mbojo Tribe, Bima, known as Karana. The current position is in the legality process from BPOM Bima Regency.

Yeri Dwihastuti AW

Yeri Dwihastuti AW
Faculty of Agriculture Alumnus Graduated Year 2002

Graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture of IPB University, now Yeri is an agricultural instructor and producer of SuperJaheku and Scank. The agricultural extension profession makes him more familiar with the various characters and conditions of farmers in different areas as well as honing his skills in providing counseling to farmers. 

Being a farmer companion in mountain areas makes it even more challenging to see the extraordinary natural potential but has not been optimally utilized by the local community. Various counseling materials, motivation and even training were given to the assisted farmers. 

However, it has not yet obtained significant results, especially in managing and developing existing local potentials. Armed with only the intention and capital, Yeri began to look at empon-empon, especially ginger, as the start of his business. In early 2019, Yeri began trying to process ginger into an instant drink that was different from the products on the market. 

The products are SuperJaheku and Scank. This product already has a PIRT permit and a halal certificate. Marketing is done online and offline. 

Ginger, especially emprit ginger, is obtained from the cultivation of local farmers as well as for other ingredients such as cloves, cardamom and lemongrass. Trying to prioritize quality, especially for raw materials is maintained from the organic cultivation of local farmers, although they have not thought about giving organic labels to their products. Changing the mindset, attitude, knowledge and skills of farmers is not as easy as turning a hand and requires a very long process. From this effort, some farmers began to be enthusiastic about cultivating empon-empon from those previously cultivated in moderation.

 Especially with the COVID-19 pandemic, empon-empon, especially ginger, has a fantastic price, increasing the enthusiasm of farmers to cultivate empon-empon widely. "Seeing is believing" is one of the philosophies that Yeri still believes and tries to apply in shaping the paradigm of counseling in the current era where situations have changed a lot and there are many more complex challenges.


Sutan Muhamad Sadam Awal

Sutan Muhamad Sadam Awal
CEO of PT Kharisma Agri Inovasi
Alumni of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology Graduated Year 2017 

PT Kharisma Agri Inovasi is a startup that develops agri-tech 4.0 and agri-data analysis & management to support farmers in producing food and improving farmer welfare. One of its products is an agricultural environmental monitoring tool called Crop Hero.

Crop Hero is an agricultural environmental monitoring tool to support precision farming in real time. This product consists of three types, namely Crop Hero 1.0 which is accessed offline, Crop Hero 2.0 which is online based with the Internet of Things (IoT), and Crop Hero Custom where its features can be adjusted according to consumer demand. Crop Hero won 3rd place in Indonesian Student Entrepreneurship (KMI) in 2018. How to use this tool is very easy, namely by placing Crop Hero on farmland and linking it to resources. Then the environmental data will be recorded automatically on the memory card for Crop Hero 1.0 and on the online server for Crop Hero 2.0 using the internet network. After using Crop Hero, users also feel a significant impact. Initially one worker could only cover four green houses per day, with Crop Hero being able to cover 10 green houses per day. So it is more effective and efficient. The data obtained is also real time where the user can adjust the duration of recording data.

When he was a student, Sutan made several achievements. Namely in 2017 won Second Place in the Poster Category at PKM PC Pimnas, 2016 Best Presenter on International Conference on Engineering and Technology, Computer, Basic and Applied Science (ECBA) Hong Kong, recipients of Leadership House scholarships in 2014-2016 and 2019 won Nasdem First Place Agromaritim Innovation 4.0