Alfi Irfan

Alumnae of Resource and Environmental Economic Study Program
Founder Agrisocio

Alfi Irfan is the founder of Agrisocio. Since was established in 2014, this social company is engaged in agriculture that focuses on sustainable agriculture, empowering rural households and promote better living standards of farmers. The 26-year-old Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Agrisocio is an alumnus of the Department of Resource and Environmental Economics, Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM) of IPB University. In his work as an entrepreneur, Alfi initiated the Indorempah functional drink. Indorempah is a spice drink that has been tested at the South East Asian Food and Agricultural Science and Technology Center (SEAFAST) or the Center for Development of Food Science and Technology and Southeast Asia Agricultural Technology, Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) IPB University. Indorempah is made without preservatives and without chemicals addition. The composition of Indorempah consists of red ginger, cumin, clove, Javanese chili, black pepper, palm sugar, cane sugar, cinnamon and anise. In addition to benefiting from Alfi's business, Indorempah also provides sustainable social impacts. This is because in its processing, production and packaging process, Indorempah empowered the wives of farmers in the village around the campus of IPB University, namely Benteng Village, in Ciampea District, Bogor Regency.

Annisa Hasanah

Alumnae of Landscape Architecture Study Program

Annisa Hasanah, is a young alumnus of IPB University from the Department of Landscape Architecture, Faculty of Agriculture. Annisa currently has a social business in the field of environmental education by making board game products called ECOFUNOPOLY®. This game has been marketed in various environmental themes, has been translated into five languages ??(Indonesia, English, German, Tagalog, and Burma), and has won various national and international awards including: 1st Prize Winner Indonesia Sociopreneur Challenge, Winner of YSEALI Future Seeds Grant, Kreativitaet im Studium Jerman, and 1st Prize Winner of the United Nation Youth Volunteer Innovation Challenge in Thailand. At the end of 2018, Annisa Hasanah was one of the fellows elected to join the fully funded program, the Professional Exchange Program in the United States. Annisa who is a social entrepreneur, game maker and book writer were chosen as YSEALI Fellow to learn the ins and outs of social business in the United States, the 32nd country that Annisa has visited.