Aang Permana

Alumnae of Management of Aquatic Resources Study Program
Owner Crispy Ikan Petek

Aang Permana boosts the business of glass fish. With initial capital of hundreds of thousands of rupiah, this man now has a turnover of up to half a billion rupiah. This man born in 1990 glanced at glass fish because the potential of this fish is quite large and has not been optimized by the community. In fact, the surrounding community is reluctant to consume fish called in the Latin as Prambassis Ranga. Aang started the glass fish business in 2014. His initial capital was Rp. 500 thousand and he used it to buy glass fish and simple cooking utensils. Although he did not have a mature business plan, he immediately chose to experiment immediately. Apparently, the glass fish business named Crispy Ikan Sipetek received a pretty good response. Aang decided to quit his job at an oil company. Crispy Ikan Petek is sold for IDR 15 thousand per pack. Aang itself produces around 1,000-1,500 packs per day. His hard work is fruitful at last. Now, Aang can pocketed a turnover of IDR 400-500 million per month. This product has been sold abroad as well as Malaysia and Hong Kong. Aang also employs non-productive aged mothers to help produce Crispy Ikan Sipetek. This is so that they can help with family income. To ensure the availability of glass fish, which is the raw material for its products, Aang partnered with a number of fishermen who are on Lake Cilatah in Cianjur, West Java. In addition to developing the crispy fish business, the man who had studied in the United States for 3 months also developed a freshwater fish farming business. These cultivated fish are supplied to several restaurants in Cianjur and Bandung. Aang Permana has now enjoyed his success.

Budi Susilo Setiawan

Alumnae of Animal Production and Technology study program
Owner of Ternak Mitra Tani Farm

Budi Susilo Setiawan is the owner of poultry business under the flagship of Mitra Tani Farm (MT Farm). Budi with his fellow partner Amrul Lubis, M Afnan W dan Bahrudin, established a sheep and goat fattening business in September 2004. Since was established, MT Farm do sheep, goats and cattle breeding. MT Farm also strives for natural feed in the form of grass and concentrate. The management of this business absorbs local residents as employees. MT Farm is in Tegalwaru Village, Ciampea District, Bogor Regency. The processing of livestock in MT Farm has begun to be carried out in an integrated manner, namely by using the benefit system, all that is available to sheep or goats such as meat, skin, head bones to feces can be utilized without being discarded. Not only that, MT Farm also manages waste from animal waste. The manure is converted into biogas and fertilizer for grass. The results of biogas are useful for lighting fires and generators in livestock breeding areas. While other wastes can be directly used for fertilizer grass. This waste management is very helpful for livestock and the people in the surrounding area, because they already know the benefits, among others, they can use free gas. So, the results can be enjoyed more by surrounding residents. With the integrated farming system implemented by MT Farm, farmers and surrounding communities can enjoy greater benefits

Rizal Fahreza

Alumnae of Agronomy and Horticulture Study Program
Founder Agrowisata Jeruk Garut

Rizal Fahreza has successfully developed agritourism business in form of orange plantation in Cikajang, Garut, West Java. The business has been developing since 2014 and was name as Eptilu. Eptilu is an acronym in Sundanese language which means “three F’s: Fresh From Farm”. Eptilu Agritourism offers orang picking from farm and traditional culinary experience such as Nasi Liwet Kentang amidst of serene orange plantation of Garut. Eptilu orange plantation has area of 1.2 hectare among Kupajajar hamlet, Mekarsari Village. Daily visitor of EPtilu agritourism reach 400 visitors. The visit might peak during weekend. In total, there are estimated 1700 to 2400 visitors per month. Rizal successful in developing the orange agritourism business drives him to be the Indonesian Ambassador for ASEAN in the First ASEAN Youth Social Entrepreneur Award 2017. Until year of 2018, Rizal is the Ambassador of ASEAN for Indonesia. Even more, Reza is crowned to be the national winner of Wirausaha Muda Pemula Berprestasi 2016, a prestigious award-winning youth business competition by the Ministry of Youth and Sport of The Republic of Indonesia. Eptilu agritourism had the chance to be visited by the Minister of Youth and Sport of Indonesia, Mr. Imam Nahrowi. The site also gets remarkable honor to be visited by Hollywood action movie star, Iko Uwais, whereas he visited not only to have leisure time but also to take several scene for his upcoming movie with some Frenchman.