Muhammad Eka Pramudita

Owner PT Kemenady Industri Mandiri

Food Science and Technology Alumni graduated in 2016

One form of business under the auspices of PT Kemenady Industri Mandiri is Kemenady Coffee. The existence of Kemenady began in 2016 by fostering coffee farmers in the area around Puncak, Bogor directly and in collaboration with the Office of Food Crops, Horticulture, and Plantation of Bogor Regency. In addition to getting direct supply of coffee from assisted coffee farmers in Bogor, types of coffee from coffee-producing regions are also available such as Sumatra, West Java, Bali, Toraja, Papua, and others.

Besides having a diploma from IPB University, Muhammad Eka Pramudita has also been certified as a Barista Pathway from the American Coffee Association (SCAA) and Arabica Q-Grader from the International Coffee Association, the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI). With a variety of achievements, especially in the coffee sector, Eka is confident that she can meet the needed coffee needs of the highest quality according to market demands.

Indra Thamrin

Owner Your Tea

Communication and Community Development Alumni graduated in 2010

Since he was a student, Indra has won many achievements and awards. Aside from his academic achievements, Indra also has a passion in business. He manifested his interest in doing business by running a partnership business. Together with college colleagues, Indra built a tea beverage partnership business with the brand "Your Tea".

This business has been pioneering since 2008 and up to now hundreds of partners have collaborated in various regions in Indonesia. At present there are eight outlets of Your Tea that are managed by themselves, with a total of more than 200 outlets in 37 cities in Indonesia. Your Tea continues to innovate in improving the quality of products and services to customers by offering 18 variants of contemporary flavors that consumers like.

Indra, who was once a finalist of the Mandiri Young Entrepreneur, was also interested in the investment business world. Property and gold is the type of investment of choice. During running his business, Indra always tried to focus and be consistent. In his partnership, he offered several investment packages and also provided sales packages for raw materials.

The man who is known by the motto "Never Give Up" hopes to be a channel of blessing for many people. Through various seminars and coaching that he had participated in, plus his life experience, Indra tried to always share with others. Until now, thousands of people have listened to the successful and happy inspiration of Indra Thamrin.

Aryo Widiwardhono

CEO PT Monica HijauLestari (The Body Shop Indonesia)
Agribusiness Alumni, graduated in 1995

Aryo spent most of his career at Unilever including international posts in Milan and London. In 2011, Aryo joined Sierad Produce as Managing Director of the Food Division and became CEO for The Body Shop Indonesia in 2015.

He began his career as a researcher in 1997 where he developed a strong understanding of consumer insight. He became the manager of the cream detergent brand in 1999 and managed to double the business in one year. He was appointed Product Group Manager of the newly acquired soy sauce brand and was intensively involved in the acquisition transition and led the team that created the brand's first
TV ad since 1928.

In 2002, Aryo was appointed as the Executive Chairperson, where he witnessed a direct view of how the business was run and worked in sequence with two Chairmen. Aryo played a key role during the leadership transition which involved changes in the Chair and several members of the Board of Directors.

In 2004, he was assigned to Milan as Global Brand Manager. He was transferred to Unilever's Headquarters in London a year later and was appointed as Global Category Manager. Aryo returned to Unilever Indonesia in 2007 as Hair Care Brand Building Director.

As Managing Director of Foods at Sierad Produce, Aryo manages 4 business units: poultry farms, slaughterhouses, processed food and retail. In 2015, Aryo took on the role of CEO at The Body Shop Indonesia and expanded its business to the second largest The Body Shop market globally.

Over the years he has taken many leadership courses in Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, India, China, Italy, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Now Aryo has become an experienced leader with more than 24 years of various disciplines in various cultures and multidisciplinary teams.