Yusep Jalaludin

Alumni of Land Resource Management Study Program Class of 49

City Farm owner

Yusep Jalaludin has a vegetable cultivation business with hydroponic technology with the concept of urban agriculture and utilizing a narrow area called City Farm. Now the business located in Bukit Cimanggu City Blok G1 Bogor City has marketed a variety of healthy and nutritious hydroponic vegetable products. The main products are hydroponic vegetables (various types of lettuce). In addition, he also provides home hydroponic mini installation products, hydroponic training, hydroponic materials and media, salad products and hydroponic vegetable juices. He markets his products to supermarket retailers, to various cafes and vegetable shops in Bogor and also to consumers who intend to come and harvest directly at City Farm.

Although relatively new, but the business is now starting to show good and promising results with a turnover of up to tens of millions per month. Yusep is very open to sharing experiences and opportunities. He has a target in the future so that City Farm can produce prime, then develop plasma farmers, to the big dream of making a modern retail supermarket store.

Jamil Azzaini

Alumni of the Agricultural Socio-Economic Department Class of 24
The owner of Cubic Creation Sisilain

Jamil Azzaini is a public speaker who focuses on the field of personal development. He is now successfully becoming a national motivator who has provided inspiration even to foreign countries. Jamil and his friends established PT Kubik Kreasi Sisilain, a company engaged in the field of training and consulting. Jamil proves that he can succeed with his choice, he has been invited to be a speaker at various events and until now he has written six books, all of which are in the best seller category.

His Life Target is to inspire 25 million people and 10 thousand of them are qualified cadres of trainers and high integrity. This then made Jamil compelled to establish a trainer academy. In addition, he also founded the Mulia Mulia Community and the Mulia Mulia Club. Despite the success he has achieved, Jamil remains humble and lives his life simply. His habits since childhood and strengthened by the life of 'populist' when studying at IPB shaped the adult character and adaptive to the environment for a Jamil Azzaini.

Wied Harry Apriadji

Alumni of Society Nutrition and Family Resource
Writer and Food Stylist

He is an expert of nutrition and culinary that often become a spokesperson in various media, including television. Wied have crisscrossing in writing world, whether writing a book or article in mass media about nutrition and eating natural healthy.