Rectors of IPB


Since the establishment on 1 September 1963, IPB has experienced 14 times of leadership changes that straight guarding the long and continuous  process to glorify the institute.
IPB known as trendsetter of Agricultural development in broad sense, indicated by the involvement of leaders of nation in IPB development.


Era of Soekarno
The President of RI have inscribed important event. Speech entitled “A matter of life and death” which is presented at the moment of First Stone Lay for the building of Faculty of Agriculture, as an initial institutions of IPB, 27 April 1952 which inspired the importance role of agriculture to this nation.


Era of Soeharto
IPB, through the Concept of Mass Guidance (BIMAS) participated in initiating the process of Indonesia reached rice-self sufficiency in 1984 and accepted an award from FAO. President Soeharto came to officially declare open some building in IPB, including the Rector Building in 1988. 


Era of Bj. Habibie
IPB was trusted as Prominent Team in composing academic paper of “Paradigm of Industrialized-Agriculture Development”, an agricultural paradigm that was emphasized in the era of B.J. Habibie.


Era of Abdurahman Wahid (Gus Dur)
Gus Dur is a father of nation who developed democratization stimulating the birth of higher education autonomy. Government Regulation of Indo nesia No. 60/1999 and No. 61/1999 gives opportunity for higher education institutions in In donesia (including IPB) to set form themselves as state-owned higher education institutions (PT-BHMN) as a legal entity.


Era of Megawati
IPB was the Prominent Team participating to support the life of “National Food Security Movement”. IPB organized National Food Security Movement themed “Diversification of Raw Material and Flour Processing based onTechnology Innovation and Local Resources” on 6 th April 2001, held in the Presidential Palace Bogor.


Era of Soesilo Bambang Yudhoyono
His commitment to make agriculture a national economic development platform was realized through the officially declaration of Agricultural, Fisheries and Forestry Revitalization (RPPK) on 11 th Juni 2005. IPB was trusted to take mandate as a main pillar of the revitalization. This idea was based on his Defending his dissertation “Agricultural and Rural Development as an Effort of Alleviating Poverty and Unemployment: Economic-Political Analysis of Fiscal Policy”, Soesilo Bambang Yudhoyono completed his doctoral study at the Study Program of Agricultural Economics IPB on 2 th October 2004.


History of IPB Leadership from Time to Time:
1. Prof.Dr. Syarif Thayeb (Head of IPB Presidium 1963)
2. Prof.Dr.A.J. Darman (Head of Presidium 1963)
3. Prof.Dr.Ir. Tb. Bachtiar Rifai (Rector of IPB 1964-1965)
4. Prof. Dr. Ir. Sajogyo (Rector of IPB 1965-1966)
5. Prof.Dr.j.h. Hutasoit (Head of IPB Presidium 1966)
6. Prof.Dr.Ir. Toyib Hadiwidjaja (Rector of IPB 1966-1971)
7. Prof,Dr.Ir. A.M. Satari (Rector of IP B 1971-1978)
8. Prof.Dr.Ir. Andi Hakim Nasution (Rector of IPB 1978-1987)
9. Prof.Dr.Ir. H. Sitanala Arsjad (Rector of IPB 1987-1996)
10. Prof.Dr.Ir. H. Soleh Solahuddin,M.Sc (Rector IPB 1996-1998)
11. Prof.Dr.Ir. R.H.M. Aman Wirakartakusumah,M.Sc (Rector of IPB 1998-2002)
12. Prof.Dr.Ir. Ahmad Ansori Mattjik,M.Sc (Rector of IPB 2002-2007)
13. Prof.Dr. Ir. H. Herry Suhardiyanto, M.Sc. (Rector of IPB 2008-2012)
14. Prof.Dr. Ir. H. Herry Suhardiyanto, M.Sc. (Rector of IPB 2013-2017)


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