Growth Phase (1963-1975)

The growth phase is characterized by the establishment of IPB on 1 September 1963 by decree of the Minister of Higher Education and Science (PTIP) No. 92/1963 which was then ratified by Presidential Decree No. First. 279/1965. At that time, the two faculties in Bogor within the auspices of the UI developed into five faculties, namely Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Fisheries, Faculty of Animal Science and Faculty of Forestry. In 1964, Faculty of Technology and Mechanization of Agriculture was born.

Although IPB birth coincided with the roar of the political developments that affect the smooth pre G30S/PKI academic activities, but IPB still able to make important breakthroughs; Among them is the outbreak of the idea or concept BIMAS-SSBM in the year 1963-1964 in the form of introduction of innovation management of production facilities to increase productivity rice farming. This idea is further converted by the government governance in the year 1966-1967 which is manifested in the form of penta-farm businesses to distribute rice and IR-5 IR-6. This activity has delivered Indonesia self-sufficient in rice, so that in 1986 the FAO pinned the medal to President Soeharto in Roman Europe.

Entering the turn of the leadership of the Rector of IPB from Prof.Dr.Ir. Toyib Hadiwidjaja to Prof.Dr.Ir.A.M. Satari, IPB MUCIA're continuing with the development of Tropical Biology Research Center (BIOTROP) SEAMEO which was pioneered in 1967 to 10 years (1969-1979). This collaboration is forming a consortium of education in Indonesia that produces (1) first graduate faculty in Indonesia, March 31, 1975, (2) the development of science and technology curriculum system, as well as four-year educational program for S-1, followed by the S-2 Master Sain and S-3 Doctoral program which later became the national pattern, (3) compilation IPB development master plan phase I (1971-1979). (4) development of Admissions system S-1 through a search of academic ability, called "Proyek Perintis II" and now a national program known as Penelusuran Minat Dan Keahlian (PMDK) and now called as Undangan Seleksi Masuk IPB (USMI).